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    ^I would hug all three, but only there stuffed animal versions
    < Doing a favor for someone who asked me to reply to a nerco thread
    v Choose your weapon in battle... a Nokia phone or a TI calculator?
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    ^I would use the Nokia Phone, cause then i could call my mom and tell her i won the battle
    < Replying to this recently necroed thread
    v What is a good question to ask here?

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    ^ A good question would be a philosophical question :3

    < Currently contemplating a lot of things while listening to I'm Sorry - Joyner Lucas

    v What is your favourite scary movie? >: )

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    ^ Why must i be given this one... Well I'd have to say IT (2018), only cuz psychological horror freaks me out... and I havent seen many good ones XD

    < Currently strolling through the forums, and thinking about how im gonna make a custom smart watch

    v (Youre gonna hate me for this... I hate this question too) Is water wet?

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    Only because Ive been gone so long and the GMod forum is quiet.....

    ^ Water IS wet, although, it cannot GET wet... see NOUN:

    < Scrolling Through the forums and watching my dog and pup wrestle

    v I have to, sorry, but.... Will Jon Snow survive?? O.o

    "Hyper Loves You."-HyperDiaper

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    ^ He's already died once I doubt they'd kill him again

    < Watching the first season of daredevil

    v Will Daenerys survive
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    Gabe is my favorite person on the planet. I aspire to be like him
    =(e)= Sometime in 2016
    =(eG)= I can't remember
    =(eGO)= Tuesday?

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    ^ Uhh, I don't know what Game of Thornes is and I've never watched it. But when I searched it up it says "Why Jon and Daenerys Will Survive the Game".

    <Playing jailbreak constantly failing to rebel, don't know what's happening with me.

    v Have you ever done airsoft before?
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    Me when I'm offline. Just hoppin.

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