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    Cool Up-Side-Down Game!

    In an effort to make these forums a bit more fun, I've decided to try and bring back forum games! Here's how it works.

    Your post will include three things:

    ^ = Answering someone's question

    < = What you are currently doing, or what you have done most recently

    v = Your very own question that the person below will answer


    #1 Do NOT post "also" questions. Example: If you're currently drinking coffee, do not ask, "Also drinking coffee?" Be creative!

    #2 Do NOT ask questions that will make people feel uncomfortable. Use some common sense here. Make sure it falls within EGO rules.

    #3 Do not be disrespectful or spam post. Typical rules in all threads.

    #4 Not really a rule, but a simple suggestion. Try to leave a couple replies in between your posts.

    In the past, these threads haven't received much attention. However, this time, I'd like to give away a prize. Your questions and answers will be judged. I'll be judging them on three things. Humor, Creativity, Cleverness. Once I feel like there are enough posts and diversity to properly judge, the prize will be awarded.
    Just to give an idea of how the game will progress:

    Post 1:
    < Eating a bowl of Lucky Charms

    v If you woke up one morning with a pet unicorn, what would you name it?

    Post 2:
    ^ Dinner

    < Playing catch with the wall

    v What's your favorite color of cloud?

    The goal of this is to have fun and bring life to the forums!

    Since, I'm starting, there will be no answer. Let's do this!

    < Listening to Never Gonna Wake Me Up - Rick Astley/AVICII Mashup

    v If you woke up with any ONE superpower, what would it be and what would be your superhero/super villian name?
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    ^ Teleportation / Telepooter

    < Contemplating Sleep vs More Video Games

    v Which Greek god/goddess are you a child of?
    Brother of ΦΜΑ Sinfonia Fall 17 OASAASLLS

    Future Doctor of America

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    ^ Athena (from overwatch )
    < Grinding Orcs on the Katanda Ridge in BDO
    v Cupcakes or muffins

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    ^ Muffins
    < Watching My Little Pony. Season 1: Episode 1
    v What fictional character would you meet and why?

    Love from arnarbatman

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    ^ Harry Potter so I punch him for getting me addicted to every-flavor jelly beans.
    < Cooling down after a long walk (off a short pier)
    v If you could star in any movie, including ones that have already been made, which one would it be and why?

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    ^ 21 Jump Street because that party looked awesome

    < Listening to music while I eat chicken and rice

    V What's your favorite *NSync song?

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    ^Its gonna be me

    <Responding to forum threads in a bathroom at the gym

    V French Fries or Baked Potato

    =(e)= 04-02-2016

    =(eG)= 12-23-2016


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    ^ Baked potato
    < Preparing an opening statement for a corporate lawsuit
    v If you had a fire breathing dragon as a pet, would you feed it with living animals?
    Some dude on eGO's TTV: Do you speak spanish?
    Me: Yup, its my native language
    Dude: So you live in the US?
    Me: ...... Sure! I was Booooorn in East L.A.... (with my best Cheech Marin's impression)


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    Quote Originally Posted by SigmaMX View Post
    ^ Baked potato
    < Preparing an opening statement for a corporate lawsuit
    v If you had a fire breathing dragon as a pet, would you feed it with living animals?
    ^ Of course, and film it to make money.

    < Getting ready to get in the shower

    v What is your greatest accomplishment?
    Quote Originally Posted by Emmy View Post
    You are also a butthead but the cutest girl as well
    Quote Originally Posted by Antraze View Post
    Of course you're the best girl, you're the cutest, afterall~.
    Quote Originally Posted by Insomnia Princess View Post
    Good thing you're cute.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kazoo View Post
    Considering you are the most adorable member in eGO, I would expect you to understand the kawaii-ness. :o
    Quote Originally Posted by Caelestis View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmetal View Post
    Can I change my name to Nunnally and then complain that I never see who kills me?
    Nonsense. If you're going to be someone who complains, you're going to be renamed Rolo.

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    ^ Aceing the constitution test

    < Binge watching family guy

    v Who is your favorite super villain?
    Quote Originally Posted by Cody View Post
    if jail gets #1 i will kiss @RyzeUp

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