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    Default How's everyone liking Legion?

    TBH I haven't played as much this expac as I have in previous expansions. What's everyone's favorite classes? Retadin is interesting so far, we'll see if I ever hit 110 lol

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    I think this expansion was very good, a great story and lots of content, however I definitely think they need to go back to the difficulty of previous expansions, like classic and BC. It seems so easy now everybody is just whizzing through the content like its nothing.

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    Expansion was great, now I play a lot since the new Tomb of Sargeras patch came out - how are your opinions?
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    Legion was good addon, if you compare it to BoA.
    But still, WoW Classic for is the best WoW.
    I heard that Blizzard is going to launch WoW Classic this year somewhere in the summer.
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