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    Default Derpy Chicken

    I was bored of studying for my exams so I decided to draw a chicken. His name is Tiffany

    Just ignore the fact the image is sideways.

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    Nice...He has a wonderful name btw lol

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    Crackers - you know you are my favvvs

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    Quote Originally Posted by _MEGA View Post
    Just ignore the fact the image is sideways.
    I couldn't ignore this, so I did the only logical thing. Climbed up onto my desk and laid on my side, so the picture looked correct.

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    _MEGA #1 chicken artist
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    My greatest memory of Nick is when he was waiting for his fiance who was out with the Horses. He said he only had a few minutes before she came back so he could not join jail. He proceeded to sit in TeamSpeak for three weeks and talk to us. So much for not having enough time to play with us. Gosh. How rude.
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    Rules like those are for bronze players...
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    but then MC gets stabbed
    and she's in the hospital on her phone searching "how win a guy over in the hospital"

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    Very nice @_MEGA

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    That's a pretty SiC Chicken!
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