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    Default Nintendo Friend Codes [3DS/Switch/Wii U]

    Let's see who's got a Nintendo Switch! Put those codes up!



    Nintendo Network ID : Hyde89
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    Switch Friend code: SW-4611-0134-6244

    I have way too many VLANs on my network. Seriously.

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    Friend Code (Switch):SW-3691-1278-9408

    Getting Smash Bros for Christmas when I do we should get a lot of eGO people on Smash Bros and do a Tournament. Who's down for that?
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    I don't have Switch, but I hope, I will get in for New Year

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    Switch: SW-3351-2891-0624 ****

    i mostly just play smash now, HMU if you want to play in some friendly matches.

    Edit: typed wrong xd
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    That number might be wrong it's not adding @Fistacles
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    switched the last two numbers. should be fixed now :^)

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