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    Default Short Picture Book of the Tiltl0rd

    Hello, my name is Spathika. I joined the CS division in 03-02-2012. There I made friends with many people like: Bnewz, Trickyyyxx, NMsniper ect. Jail was very fun for me I would often play until Baneling kicked me. My other favorite server was highschool and would enjoy stomping others as there wasn't much of a competitive scene in source. MGR was my favorite leadership.

    After I got burned myself out playing CS I went to the OP:X division. I became besties with: Horton, Jakeboss, Pika ect. Playing League of Legends for 5 seasons really is tough on a person's soul and today I am thankful I got out alive.

    I switched to Overwatch after being hard stuck in diamond 1 for eternity and OP:X's dissipation. I picked up playing Overwatch competitively during Season 3 and peaked grandmaster. Being the only person on our comp team to have reached top 500 this season(suck it) I often like to brag. Definitely the best ana too.

    Hoped you like my picture book. Pce out broskii's

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    Nice Rein ults from this dude right here. You ever need a well taken out? Call this guy.

    Also, Rab Ana Lucio>Spat Ana Lucio

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    Hello Spathika!

    =(e)= - 3/25/17
    =(eG)= - 4/16/17
    =(eGO)= - 7/4/17
    EC - 11/12/17[

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