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    Default This is a thing... Merica

    Hello. I'm Andy.

    Started playing CS back in the 1.5 days, played competitive for awhile and then became more casual when source came out. Got away from the game for several years because of life, but came back to it and found this little gaming community called Edge Gamers. Surprisingly when I was addicted to the Dust server lol. I joined eGO in March of 2011 and have been here since. I joined the newsletter team, and hey, some of you may have read something I wrote (besides this). I loved the leadership, and all the friends I made along the way. So I stayed. Oddly enough, the servers I love the most here are the ones that get the least amount of traffic... Dust... Office... Aztek for a hot minute... HIGHSCHOOL and now Italy. I got my O in November of 2012, and since then, have only banned maybe 2 dozen racists. But I love playing CS, and I love the community.

    I am trying to become more active in the forum and teamspeak because there are a ton of new people that I'd love to meet. Feel free to add me and jump into Italy whenever possible! Or perhaps help with my crusades to get Highschool back!!!!!
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    Hello konigandy6

    =(e)= - 3/25/17
    =(eG)= - 4/16/17
    =(eGO)= - 7/4/17
    EC - 11/12/17[

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    Hello good sir.

    *DEAD* [LMS New Blood] =(eGO)= TheUnderDog : Crackers, wanna like ya know....NOT kill me everytime you see me
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    Crackers - you know you are my favvvs

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