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    My name is Ric, and here's my EGO story!

    Many years ago, I joined EGO in the TF2 division. I believe the Divisional Leader back then was ScrappyDoo. One day while playing TF2, I was field promoted to an eG.

    Fast forward some time, I played on our CS:S Jail server and got instantly hooked. There, I spent a few months learning how to be a Guard and a Warden, sitting silently.

    Fast forward some more, I switched to the CS division and got promoted by Legend to an O rank during one of the O rank meetings. I remember my speech to the promotion was "I'm still wet" or something to that degree, as Legend promoted me after a shower.

    Shortly after, I ascended becoming an admin trainer under the reigns of BigRedKing, who was a great mentor. I went on to write countless admin training guides and rebuilding the program several times throughout the years.

    Fast forwarding again, me and spark got Advisor at the same time, I became a DL, and eventual Community Manager of the CS division, where I spent many hours of my free time helping eGO grow as much as possible. I helped in nearly every division we had in some way or another.

    Every good thing must come to an end, and I am no exception. I made some bad choices as a CM, and it took me a while to own up to them, but I did with @Artimus in a conversation late at night. Due to it, I was demoted to a Divisional Leader. I sat around for a few weeks, noticing it's not the same. It's not the same to be restricted to one environment when I knew I had the capacity of helping an entire community. I stepped down from Divisional Leader and Leadership.

    The last fast forward, I was sitting on the sidelines as an O, not making any progress. Realizing I had Leadership capabilities, I sought after a community who could use my efforts, not throw them away. During that seek, I was demoted to an E from an O by someone in a private message for being too confrontational, and I stepped down from the community entirely because it's degrading to get demoted completely, especially by a private message, after putting in countless hours of volunteer work.

    Nonetheless, that's my introduction, and this will remain one of my favorite communities on the Internet. I have two cats, share an apartment with my girlfriend, and work at a theme park. I'm usually AFK on team speak, but if I'm on, come say hi. I also love death metal, so if you listen to it, let's talk about some bands!

    See ya around.
    Talent is worthless unless exercised.

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    I always remember discussing tech stuff with you years ago. And when you had a TF2 tag under your name .

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    Always good to see you around Ric, hope all is going well

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    Hello Ric!

    =(e)= - 3/25/17
    =(eG)= - 4/16/17
    =(eGO)= - 7/4/17
    EC - 11/12/17[

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    Hi there Ric, I like the story, sad ending though ;-; glad you stuck around

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    Mercy sig made by HyperPenguin. Ty <3

    A woman you might find appealing,
    Mercy's doctor skills have no ceiling.
    But her heart is with a
    Ninja five miles away
    From the team shouting "I need healing!"

    "I HAVE FERTILITY" -Butter, 2017

    "Help me become a hooker" -Chomper, 2018

    "I take solace in carrot" -MB, 2018

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    As I worked my way through the ranks of eGO... I can honestly say you were someone whom I always looked up to in the community for the better part of almost 6 years. And to stand out as much as you did with great leaders such as Judge, Mikkel, NM, Drew, Spark, Xavier (God I feel like I'm missing so many great people) is saying a lot... I was a lot more active back then in forum and Vent (at the time) than I am now, and you were a big part of that. I laughed a lot at your ban contests, listened when you spoke, and you were always available if I had an issue. I took some time off for personal reasons and came back to a whole list of advisors I didn't know... but you were still around.

    I have no idea what happened with the current leadership situation, nor do I want to open that can of worms... but I just want you to know that you did mean something to a lot of us, and I will miss being able to come to you.

    That being said... I have been jamming Kataklysm's latest album non stop for a couple weeks. It is fantastic if you haven't picked it up yet.

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