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    Why hello...

    I'm Ripply as many of you may know. I joined EGO back in 2014, specifically in the Battlefield division. I gained my eG coincidently within a week and earned my O a few months later. I joined the PSC around May/June of 2015 where I would become a PSC Trainer, Recruitment and in October of 2015, an Advisor for PSC specifically for RC and Training. I spent several months as an Advisor, but stepped away from EGO in March of 2016. I recently joined back into the Minecraft division a few months ago and here I am now.

    When I'm not at EGO but gaming, I'm usually roleplaying as a cop in the modification called LSPDFR for GTA V.

    Outside of gaming, I don't do too much. First off, I am an Explorer for my local Sheriff's Office where I have earned the rank of Lieutenant. Secondly, I just finished classes in my second year of a program called Early College. This program allows me (and the others doing it) to go to the local university for their Junior and Senior years in high school, free of tuition. So, in two weeks, I will be walking the stage at the University of South Carolina (not the main campus) and earning my Associate's Degree. In June, I will be participating in my high school graduation as the Salutatorian of my class. It's kind of wierd to think about the fact that I'm technically graduating from college before I am high school... I plan to start pursuing my Bachelor's of Arts in Information Management and Systems with a minor of Criminal Justice in the fall and once I have completed that, I plan to start work with my local Sheriff's Office and eventually move to a state agency called SLED to work in Cyber Crimes.

    That's me

    Noah "RipplyTiger151"
    Chief Farming Officer, Former Community Manager
    Grand Theft Auto / Member Services

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    =(e)= 8/29/15
    =(eG)= 12/23/2016
    =(eGO)= 11/16/2017

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    Hello Ripply!

    =(e)= - 3/25/17
    =(eG)= - 4/16/17
    =(eGO)= - 7/4/17
    EC - 11/12/17[

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