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    Default TF2 Leadership AMAs

    Get to know your leadership with all the AMAs in one place.


    Adam aka "Mister Adam"

    Community Manager

    USCG Hammer - No AMA

    Senior Manager

    Recruitment Coordinators



    Support Manager | Admin Training

    Archived AMAs
    Wilson - Community Manager
    Emmy - Community Manager

    Insomnia Princess - Division Leader
    Mister36 - Division Leader
    Pzycho - Division Leader
    Minty - Division Leader

    Antraze - Admin Training
    CrashRIT - Admin Training
    KelpTheGreat - Admin Training
    -=DUH=- - Admin Training
    Dianite - Admin Training

    Simon - Recruitment
    Sharknado - Recruitment

    VP - Competitive Team

    Maserati - Events
    PepperRabbit - Events

    Logic Overflow - Support

    StealthGus - Tech
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