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    Exclamation Overwatch Comp Team Tryouts

    Overwatch players of EGO,

    Tis the season for tryouts again! Tryouts for the EGO Comp Team 1 & 2 will be held from March 24th – March 26th (probably from 5pm-8pm central time). This season EGO will indeed be running two teams. Both teams will be registered and will participate in UGC and other events as they come up. Both teams will have their main 6 and 2 subs.

    Team 1 currently only has 1 main spot and 2 sub spots open for tryouts.
    Team 1 (Leader: Havok, Co-Leaders: Raballer, Spathika)

    TBD (To be determined)

    Team 2 has 5 main and 2 sub spots open for tryouts.
    Team 2 (Leader: Superglue, Co-Leader(s): TBD)


    Until the time of official tryouts no current open spots will be claimed for. With that said, we would like anyone interested in trying out to come play with us in QP or some COMP matches. This will allow us, current members, to get to know the “interested party”. To give you a little more detail, it will give us insight into your mechanics, what kits you can bring to the table, comms (mic communication & in game calls), knowledge of the game, ideas/heroes you are experimenting with, and overall chemistry with the team. In short, it is a good way to put your resume on the table before the official tryouts.

    Finally details about the tryout process. As mentioned before, tryouts will be held from March 24th – March 26th. We will be running tryouts like the previous. Each day tryouts will last a minimum of 3 hours. 3 hours for 3 days should give everyone enough time to tryout for what they want. If you did not get to tryout as the hero you would like initially, speak up so we can make a switch happen. If you do not speak up, it falls on you for not getting to tryout on the hero you like. Current comp team members will be jumping between playing and spectating. During the tryout process, we will be recording the games. These will not be made public this time. The final roster will be posted a week from tryouts.

    Please do not tryout, if you cannot commit 6 hours a week to your potential future team.
    We like to “officially” have practice 4 times a week for about an hour and a half. Currently practice is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday from 8:30 – 10:00 Central time. UGC matches are on Thursday nights. If you cannot make Thursday matches, please do not tryout. The schedule is not completely locked down right now and may be subject to change.

    More details will emerge as we get closer to the official tryout date. Please post in here with your battlenet ID if you are interested in trying out. If you have any questions or concerns, please send me a PM via Steam, Battlenet, Forums, or TeamSpeak. If you do not make it to one of the teams, please do not take it personal. And remember, you can always tryout again down the road. We look forward to seeing you all at tryouts.


    Dr. Havok
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    Flowey#11221 I would love to try out for the team even though i might be able to make the Wednesdays practices due to commitments with my church organization.

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    Hey Hey Hey, it's you pal Minho#12967, I'm an off tank main who can flex to support and DPS

    Thanks for some awesome games this weekend best of luck to everyone!
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    Mercy sig made by HyperPenguin. Ty <3

    A woman you might find appealing,
    Mercy's doctor skills have no ceiling.
    But her heart is with a
    Ninja five miles away
    From the team shouting "I need healing!"

    "I HAVE FERTILITY" -Butter, 2017

    "Help me become a hooker" -Chomper, 2018

    "I take solace in carrot" -MB, 2018

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    Used to play ranked on ps4 as lucio, would like to try my hand on pc
    should also add I am LOVING sombra!
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    ShadowMage#11842 I can play most tanks and support heroes. Occasionally I will play Phara, Soldier or Mcree.

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