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    Why did you join eGO?

    I had played our jail server once or twice with a friend, but what really brought me here was the Insurgency Servers. eGO had the best variety, including the Dust2 port. It was only hosted on one other server and it was filled with spam and bad plugins. The eGO server was clean and had a great connection with me. I got hooked fast, we had cool plugins and the map was super fast paced. After playing a few days, a user invited me to join eGO. I visited the forums and loved it - I enjoyed foruming and the place was lively, active, and had great talk for a variety of games and topics I liked (Computers, movies, gaming).

    I kept seeing people mention the word "Ventrilo", and found out about it. Armed with my $2 microphone and headphones, I jumped on and was greeted by some great people - Turk, Ice hearted killer, gen-ig, and ShEpArDofGOD, just to name a few of the great members. We had some hilarious events and great talks on Ventrilo.

    After a few months I began to branch out to eGO's other games. USCG Hammer gifted me a copy of The Orange Box and I got hooked on Team Fortress 2. I'm still hooked on it. The guys in eGO helped me get into a variety of games - EVE, DoD, Planetside 2, and many more.

    Favorite eGO memories

    2fort. Need I say more?

    eGO Pride - Why you choose to game here / What keeps you with eGO?

    The community has been filled with some of the best friends I've ever met. I think myself and @spidEY are about to celebrate about 6 years of Facebook friendship alone. Clean servers, good connection, and the most fun community keep me coming back and staying with eGO. I haven't found another community that has brought me the happiness that eGO has.

    Please do not pick me for this, just wanted to share

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    Hey everyone, thanks again for all your posts <3. Just wanting to add that no matter how new or old you are don't be afraid to post here. Everyone has a story to share Also, you don't have to use all three topics if you don't want to or feel that you don't have a story for all of them. They're just there so people have a choice of what they want to write about.

    Anyways, thanks again to everyone that's taken the time to post here, I look forward to plenty more in the coming weeks.

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    Okay I was recruited in November of 2015 by hyper penguin. I had been playing jail for about 4 months so everyone that played a lot knew my name. So I was playing jail on night escape and I can tell you the cell I was in when I was recruited. So ya pretty average story.

    My favorite memories are late night jail back when it was really thriving. Also playing 10 mans are always litty.

    The reason I chose eGO was because I could warden without being harassed for my squeaky voice. Also no cursing kept server less toxic so it was really fun. Also I met some really chill people to play with that are still playing jail w/ me today. That's why I've stayed here for a year.

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    Why did I join eGO?
    Almost quickly befriended me while playing on the jail server and we joined the community together, I stayed within the community because I found how great everyone in it was. I quickly made new friends of people that had also just been recruited (Luke_swear, Boltaction, Beaul etc.) One of the funny aspects of my recruitment was that I joined partly because oh how much I enjoyed the warden on my first round in the server. I was new yet he helped me, guided me and I ended up getting lr on my first round which just added to how much I was enjoying myself (that began my addiction of getting lr). My first experience on the server was so enjoyable I couldn't wait to join.

    Favorite eGO memories?
    All of my memories made in the community are priceless and I wouldn't give them up for anything. I love eGO events and to all the newer members out there, just know thats where the greatest memories lie. I couldn't possible pick a favorite memory in this community because there are just so many however I would have to say my promotion is up high on my list of greatest moments, 10 mans with the squad, karaoke night and late night jail.

    eGO Pride
    My motivation to keep in this community is for the old friends that still play here.

    If I win $20 (which I wont) give it to Almost
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    After purchasing CS:S with a friend for the sole purpose of gungame I found myself alone and bored one night. I was browsing servers when I found this gamemode called "Jailbreak". I had never heard of this gamemode before so I decided to dive in and find out what it was about. I found myself in the server with crazyemo and I guess I had fun because I kept coming back. I was later recruited by Captain Nighthawk (I think??) and this choice to join eGO might have been one of my most influential decisions so far.

    After being in eGO for some time and meeting some of the most amazing people on the planet I decided to try out for the CS:S competitive team. Somehow, despite being terrible, I ended up making the cut. The team transitioned over to CS:GO and I progressed from there. We played a season or two of CEVO and I ended up joining another team, playing another season or two of CEVO and then came back to eGO to represent them with my team in ESEA and at Fragadelphia 7. Somewhere in this mess I was still active in eGO and ended up leaving to join another community, only to return like a week later. Also after I returned to eGO with my team I assisted in the kick start of EGOpro, which consisted of Jimmy Kudo and Bane/ggHoodie at the start. They casted almost all of our matches and the support the team got from the community was incredible. None of us had ever had a match streamed before and being able to represent this community was amazing, even if we lost most of our matches.

    I was also an EC for a lot of my time in this community. It was a great way to connect with everybody here and helped me develop some social skills that I lacked at the time. Being able to host events was an amazing opportunity and I recommend that everyone applies to become an EC at least once while they are in eGO, it's an experience that you shouldn't miss out on.

    With joining eGO came the introduction of friends, role models, and the discovery of my passion. There are so many people that I have befriended in eGO, some have left, some have passed, some have disappeared, and some are still around eGO. While I have become disconnected with most of these people, many of them will remain as a permanent mark in my memory. I like to think that because of the nature of eGO and how nice many of the people were while I was growing up, I ended up being a better person. I stayed within eGO for a while because of the community but later on my thirst for competition took over and I began to focus more on playing CS:GO competitively. (I also had to fulfill the tradition of MOTY) I still browse the forums now and then to check up on eGO, just because I have a huge amount of respect for everyone here who keeps this community clean.
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    Why did you join eGO?
    I was playing TF2 and came across eGO's TF2 server way back when Scrappydoo was here. He promoted me to eG after a few weeks of dedication. I originally started in the TF2 division before getting hooked into our CS Jail server, back when we had one.

    Favorite eGO memories

    One of my favorite eGO memories was when we had eGO meetings, only for eGO's back in the day and Austin promoted me to eGO right after I got out of the shower in Ventrilo. A second one was getting DL and running the division. Being promoted to Leadership after working so hard and going against incredible odds is an amazing experience. Later on, I made Community Manager, and got demoted back to Divisional Leader for making some pretty silly choices. Now I'm inactive because I'm not going to have Leadership capability in a limited spot, nor do I care to go and ask for any position in eGO. If people need help, I'm here. If not, I'm AFK.

    eGO Pride
    I'll always have friends in eGO and it'll always hold a place in my heart. I've joined other communities, and nothing competes with eGO.
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    Keep them coming guys ^^ You're never too old or too new to tell your personal story.

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    I joined because Zer0cool recruited me, but I didn't say that he recruited me on the list. It was like 2 months later I joined. I hardly liked CS:GO back then until I played on this server. This jailbreak server back in 2015 was super active and ttt was the dead server. So pretty much the only reason I got hooked on to CS:GO is because of jail. I learnt so much back in the jail server it was very fun and exciting back in 2015 where all the fun players would join and make the server even more fun. I remember it was even better when RDK would make secrets, and I would screen record it and take a few hours watching the tape over and over because of the fake tricks he would do when we spectate him.

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    Why did you join eGO?: I was a part of management on another gaming for a year before I joined eGO. Needless to say, I didn't really like my old community. The ennui of having to deal with 13 year olds screaming on TeamSpeak, excessive drama, and lack of maturity made me lose interest in working there. Other management have realized this and have decided to resign and never come back; many of which were the people I liked. After hearing that the owner and founder of the community has decided to leave his own community to focus on real-life events, and that some bellend that just smokes weed all day will run the community for now on will take over, I decided to resign from my position and leave.

    A day later; my friend from a TF2 community years ago, Twizz_Army, told me about this community and how mature the staff/members are. After hearing this I decided to sign up on the forums and join eGO's TeamSpeak channel, saw that there was an Overwatch Division and decided to stay. After joining I was greeted with respect, and have realized how right Twizz was about eGO. I've only been here for two weeks and I have come to like this community and the people equally.

    Favorite eGO memories : So far, I enjoyed the karaoke night event from about a week ago the most. I was enticed to sing, but I was too shy to use my microphone. Instead I stayed to listen to people sing. There was this one girl (I'm sorry for forgetting your name) who was nervous about singing, but killed on the mic. I, along with the rest of the channel, were blown away on how great her singing was.

    eGO Pride : As I said before, it's refreshing to see a large community like this to have fun, but at the same time be mature. What drew me in was the inclusion of divisions for multiple games, including Overwatch. As I stay on eGO, I hope to meet new people and have a good time playing here.
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    Why did you join eGO? My gaming group at the time was starting to disband, so I went on the hunt to find a group that was mature-minded and used effective team tactics. eGO just so happens to support every major game I play, so I guess you could say it was a match made in gaming heaven. Some of the Leadership members for my division at the time were folks like ScrappyDoo, PurpleNurple, Respawn, djsatan, and djsatanswife. Very cool people.

    Favorite eGO memories : Participating in the very first inter-clan Team Fortress 2 League in 2009. I captained a team called Inflated eGO to the semifinals (look us up in the forums to check out some of our old results) that featured members like Omniblast, The Shape, DeFy, Crickit, and Grasshopper. It was a blast playing somewhat competitively amongst the other members of eGO. Neurofo, Russkie, and Sandman were also generous enough to include me in the Advisory Panel regarding ideas and feedback for that league since it was new at the time. It was a somewhat "unofficial" and behind the scenes type of role, but I very much enjoyed it nonetheless.

    eGO Pride - I stay with eGO for the good times, and there's been plenty of them. Whether it's Black Mesa Sunday or Warpath Wednesday, you can always game with the best.

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