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    too lazy to do the format.

    best CS moment:
    My theme song:

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    ^^^OMG I was there for that^^^

    I'm in that video LOL!

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    I was into DOD:S. I found very few servers that did not kick for high ping as I was on dial up. I played on the Avalanche server a lot and then Donner. Players and admins were nice to me so I stayed. No one really harassed me about my ping due to dial up. After about two weeks I guess, I signed up and I joined in 2007.

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    Why did you join eGO?

    I joined this server because I really enjoy playing TTT, and was looking for a good server to play under. I played under a few servers but the only one that I really liked off the bat was eGO. I started by not joining the community at all, playing pretty much almost everyday I could. I had the constant pestering of admins and members asking me to constantly join. I finally joined after having a half an hour talk while in TTT with another member that no longer plays today unfortunately. If it wasn't for that situation of small talk who knows if I would of joined.

    Favorite eGO memories.

    Funny moments, good times and great memories.
    I enjoy this community and will continue playing it until I no longer can.
    So many great people I have met in this community, and many friends I have made.
    Today, yesterday, and tomorrow are the things I enjoy looking forward to and great memories to recall upon.
    I am delighted that I stuck around and joined this community.
    Calling upon just a few memories to be my favorite is an understatement.
    Late night TTT.
    Event servers brings lots of laughs and fun.
    So now read the first letter of this part of this.

    eGO Pride - Why you choose to game here / What keeps you with eGO

    Honestly, the admins on here is one of the strongest reason of why I stay on eGO. People like Fistacles(same) is a great example of one, he has a fun personality and is enjoyable to talk to. He is a respectable admin and has a great presence on the eGO community. On servers before I joined on eGO alot of them had really terrible admins. They would basically be asshole and drive me away from it. I want to see this community strive and grow even more than it already has. Though I am a rather new member of this community, I still enjoying it. Although I knew of no one before joining, I'm happy to meet new people and friends along the way.

    ~The loud mouth, toxic inducing Shush
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    Really loving reading everything from all of you. Makes me so happy to be a part of eGO again and just goes to show how great of an impact we, as a community, have on each other. For me it just really reinforces my reasons for coming back. Thank you all so much again for taking part in this, I can't wait to see what everyone else has to post.

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    I'm writing this at 1 in the morning so I am sure I'm gonna wake up to a ton of spelling and grammatical errors

    Why did you join eGO?

    It was late 2010, and I was playing around on source one day, just got off from a fun match of zombie escape server, and decided to try something new. I ended up finding the jailbreak server and decided to give it a shot. Needless to say, i ended up not having any idea of how to play. after multiple revokes, and not having any clue as to play a T, i soon began to learn the ropes, and ending up having a lot of fun. people were joking around, playing and having a blast, all in this close-knit, non-toxic, and family-friendly community. I knew right then id be back for more, and immediately added it to my favorites.

    Fast-forward 2 years, and after having a falling-out with a different community (after i was declined to join eGO due to past history), I decided to once again apply. I finally got accepted into joining eGO, and since then i have enjoyed nearly 5 years playing as a member. Through all the ups-and-downs, several leadership changes, and changing over to a completely different game, eGO has been my home, and my sanctuary from everything else.

    Favorite eGO memories.

    There are way too many to count.

    Through all of the changes, events have always stayed. and Events were where I got the most enjoyment out of eGO.

    Prop-hunt was always one of my favorite events. The time when we decided to all hide as barrels in the same room was just perfect.

    Absolutely hilarious when Ubermaniac came into the room, and we all immediately scattered and dispersed running around the map.

    Or when we all decided to taunt the CT by becoming Phones and running around them.

    There was also the day I finally became an EC under MEGA and NMsniper. hosting events from invisible man to prop hunt, royal rumbles and dog-tag scrims, ive never had more fun than seeing the enjoyment other people were having at our events. One of the best memories was the first day Drew-x became an EC. we were playing KZ on a map (had an eiffel tower on it i think?) And he ended up somehow permanently banning himself. i so wish i had a screenshot for it but i don't. The entire server just couldn't stop laughing for a solid minute, it was just absolutely priceless.

    It wasn't just CSS stuff either. The time when NMSniper, a few other members and I dominated the TF2 events for certain maps, whether it be Egypt, Hide and Seek, or Royal Rumbles. that was always a blast to go out, and have fun, and showcase who the real FPS champs are :D

    From playing late night highschool, to fragging on our Crackhouse DM server, to playing the constant events that were hosted, eGO was my home. it was my source of enjoyment and i have so many fond memories. I am glad to call eGO my home, despite its ups-and-downs.

    eGO Pride - Why you choose to game here / What keeps you with eGO

    when i first played on eGO servers, i was an obnoxious, immature little brat. But even then, i absolutely loved the clean and non-toxic atmosphere the server offered. It was a safe-haven from all the other servers that existed at that point, to where cursing wasn't even allowed. Despite my several rule-breakings at the start, It was love at first-sight. The people that played there, such as old jail players with the like of Clarissa, Bloody Bunny, and Captain Nighthawk, made it entertaining to play. In storm, cryptex, parvovirus, ric, and others who put so much effort into the community, all showcased how much fun you can have while gaming. With the likes of NMsniper, MEGA, Martyr and Drew, and other members whom i've made close friendships with made my time at eGO one of my best experiences of my life. The sense of comradery and family that existed went un-matched..

    But mostly what drew my attention to Edge Gamers was the events. The countless and numerous events over the year are what really kept me going in eGO. Through all of the EC advisors and coordinators we had, they were always so much fun to participate in.

    But even now, when everything around me seems to have changed, The sense of community still exists, just in different forms. The leadership that exists today have put countless hours into the community and have made this place an incredible place. The several new admins and players, the new ECs and ATs, as well as our frontline admins and newcomers from the ttt community, make it feel like all the same. Although i do have my troubles and disagreements with certain issues, eGO will always be where i go to whenever I need to just take a break from the world, and have fun.


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    Fist, great story man

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    Guess I'll give my story.

    I joined EdgeGamers back in 2010, when Legend was just a lil' baby DL. Jail was the server to be on, so many great times. I knew that I wanted to be apart of this community. I joined up, soon became great friends with a few unnamed people who are no longer in the community, and we made the EdgeGamers weekly Podcast. It was @Sloppie, myself and a few others, and we had an absolute BLAST doing it. It was so much fun to just bull with these guys and record weekly.

    Some unnecessary drama happened and I had to leave the community for a few years, which sucked, but was needed.

    In early 2015 USCG Hammer messaged me and asked me to come back. I thought honestly thought I'd never be apart of EdgeGamers again, but under his request I rejoined and started helping the CSGO Leadership start the transition from CS:S to CSGO. A few months back, Legend swooped me up and we created this awesome new idea of Shoutcasting Counter-Strike matches on our official twitch. We both had things happen in our lives that took away our free time so unfortunately that had to be put to the side. And now, here I am, your CS Advisor for super awesome tournaments and junk

    eGO Pride?

    There is way too much to list to why I love this community. Is it the memories? Is it the friendships? The most shocking thing that made me realize that EdgeGamers is one huge family, is when ProCombat passed away. People think that we're just an online gaming community, but when you have such an connection with someone that, when they pass, so many people feel so hurt, it's more than just a "gaming community". It really is a "family". Some of my most closest friends are right here in this community. I talk to the people in this community, more than I talk to my real life best friend! I talk to people in this community more than I talk to my own family, and I know that's the case for a LOT of others in here.

    That's where the pride and the love for this community comes from.

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    Why did you join eGO?
    I joined eGO in the beginning of July of last year. I've been apart of the community for over 7 months now! One day, I was bored on CS GO and decided to browse the servers and found TTT. I joined the server and had a great time. Everyone was so nice and welcoming! A couple days later, someone told me that I should join the community, so I did. I sadly don't remember who recruited me.. rip.

    Favorite eGO memories?
    I have a bunch of great memories. One of my favorite memories is when we had a Karaoke night on teamspeak. I sang "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry and "I Play Pokémon GO" song. I had such a great time.

    Another memory was when I was on jail and @Ubermaniac was the warden. I typed in chat, "Hey yall, Uber to youtuber here." It then became a meme for a while.

    Another one of my favorite memories was when I played TF2 for the first time. The reason why I decided to play TF2 is because my good friend, @iSimon was talking to me about how fun TF2 is, so I decided to try it out. My first time playing TF2 was awesome. I met and became friends with a bunch of new people!

    The funniest memory I had was when I was playing with my bro @Fish. We were playing competitive. We were having a good time and fooling around. We decided to listen to music. I started blasting the song "Cooking by the book" and we started singing along. We both started to laugh our heads off. After that, I started to sing "Juju on that beat." We than sang a bunch of other songs.

    eGO Pride - Why you choose to game here / What keeps you with eGO
    I choose to game here because everyone was so kind and friendly. The first time I joined TTT, I made a bunch of friends within a few hours of playing. One of the biggest reasons why I stayed is because I discovered Jail and the event server. The first time I played Jail, I had a blast. @SJRgamer @Bleu, @Cody, @M4A1-S and a few other people taught me how to rebel. Also, the events was another reason why I stayed. The first time I went to an event was when Slime invited me and told me he was hosting it. I ended up joining and I'm glad I did. I had such an awesome time. Ever since then, I really wanted to host events. Recently I became an Event coordinator and now I do host events!
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    Why did you join eGO?
    I played a lot of Day of Defeat after it released. Traditionally, I only played on two servers in Day of Defeat, both avalanche, EGO and OnA Pests.
    I had never thought of joining EGO, I just enjoyed our servers. It wasn't until 2008 with @JohnT came into Avalanche and was talking about how great EGO was and even field promoted an eG in front of everyone.
    I just thought that was the coolest thing in the world. I wanted to be apart of it. So, I said something in the server about "How do I join?" and @Davethegreat helped me through everything.

    I joined EGO because of how much fun I had playing on the servers, how friendly everyone was and how great John made it all sound.
    EGO also had TF2 and DoD, which I was playing heavily at the time. It was hard back then to find a GOOD group that had more than one game.

    Favorite eGO memories
    This year will mark my 9th year with EGO, so you can imagine there has been a ton.
    - The creation of the Mustoreo
    - The creation of the Strat Division
    - So many drunken nights on Ventrilo with @GardenGroveVW
    - The countless Social Hours with @ScrappyDoo.
    - The invention of @RESPAWN mode.
    - My first day as leadership

    However, my all time favorite memory is a more recent one. The EGO Vegas Meet is by far and away my absolute favorite memory of EGO.
    It was an insane trip. Two friends and I drove from Kansas, 15 hours, to come hang out with everyone. We only stopped for food and fuel and I'm pretty sure I drove 12 hours in total on the trip out.

    This is my favorite memory because I finally got to meet three of the greatest friends I've ever had.
    I've known GardenGroveVW, @USCG Hammer and @Legend a long time, nearly 10 years! Vegas was finally an opportunity for us all to get together, have a few drinks and share some stories.
    The memories made in Vegas alone are worth their weight in gold.

    eGO Pride - Why you choose to game here / What keeps you with eGO?
    I think the bigger question to me is, what keeps me coming back? I've left a couple of times over the years, some more dramatic than others.
    That being said, I keep coming back to EGO because of how much fun this place is and how many friends I've made here over the years.

    I have so many daily interactions with people I've met through EGO.
    We all have that close nit group of friends we hang out with while we're playing games or just hanging out on Teamspeak. That's what keeps me here.
    I wouldn't trade it for the world. EGO is a place like none other and I'm so glad to be apart of it in any capacity, leadership or otherwise.
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