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    Default Your EdgeGamers Story

    We all love EdgeGamers, but why did we join and why do we stick around? It's a question that only you, the members of eGO, can answer. So let me ask you, what is your eGO Story?

    • Why did you join eGO? Tell us if you have a great recruitment story. Who recruited you? On what server? etc.
    • Favorite eGO memories (could be of events, could be old members you have good ol stories with, etc.)
    • eGO Pride - Why you choose to game here / What keeps you with eGO?
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    Very nice and generous contest Nick. I will share my favorite memories here at eGO. One of my favorite memories with eGO would have to be the Late Night antics of playing on Highschool. I met some of my best friends on that server and had more laughs than I can imagine. One specific memory of this is when it was me, Ashley, c-whit, kenny, malenskii, spark, mudkip, and a few others and all we did was sit in the CT stairs with night vision, smokes and paras laughing our heads off waiting for the entire T team to come rush us and hope we live. Truly something I miss (CS:S in general but that being a heavy one). There are plenty of other great things that I have gained here at eGO. I've made many very close friends, learned to be a mature person in game and in real life, and have spent countless hours playing on our servers on multiple platforms.

    Sometimes I wonder if I didn't join eGO so long ago what my childhood would have been like. The world may never know, but I am always grateful to have played here for so long. Cheers to all and here is to making more stories with ya.

    *DEAD* =(eGO)= Ashley : Yeah I am quite ugly

    =(eG)= Shadow19 : i wish i could be an eyebrow of zac effron

    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Average @ Best: crazyrockets! I've got great news!
    (ADMINS) =(eGO)= Ashley' <3: you're demoted!

    [SM] =(eGO)= Dew of the Mtn Type: Kicked =(eGO)= Ashley'<3 αмoμs (Reason: "Treason")
    Player =(eGO)= Ashley'<3 αмoμs left the game ("Treason")

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    I am going to share mine: (I, along with all other leadership, cannot win a prize)

    I would love to tell you my favorite story of eGO is in the CS division, but I cannot. (All my other favorite memories are thought).

    My favorite memory of eGO is DOD Realism. I was a part of the Realism 4 campaign. For those of you who do not know/remember - Realism is a mod for DOD that makes the gameplay of DOD as close to World War 2 conditions as possible. The plug-in reduced everyones health so that rifles killed with a single shot and there was a huge amount of strategy associated with the events.

    Teams download the map days ahead of time and find places to either attack or defend (depending on the event). They choose their strategy and try to win (hold or take a city). In realism there are several battles and each week your team fights 2 battles, usually starting the campaign with one attack and one defense/week. The campaigns span over several weeks and there is a winning team who takes more territories.

    In the event I thought I was going to get destroyed. There wasn't much chance of success for me. I was so new to the game and I really didn't care too much, it was so fun. Our first battle was a defense, so all we had to do was hold the map (hide and not die before the long timer went off). We had our whole strategy meeting and I was assigned a hiding spot all alone. So all I needed to do is wait for several minutes expecting someone to come around my corner and pop me dead. It was EXHILARATING! The suspense, the waiting... My heart was out of my chest.

    Finally someone comes running around the corner - my heart stopped!
    I shot... I got them. I was ok. I made it through the rest of the 4 mins or so just sitting in panic.

    That was every night at realism. Intense Planning - Intense Teamwork - Intense Suspension. I felt like I was in the game every week.

    But the best part of these events - friendship and respect.
    I was a CS:S member (always have been) and back in the day there was a bunch of beef (always playful) between the CS:S division and the DOD division. We CS:S folk were always looked down on (playfully) in these competitions and never given the time of day. I joined because several of my other CS:S buddies got coaxed into it one day and I fell in love. I signed up for the upcoming campaign that very night. It turned out I actually did pretty stinkin well. I had a really great KDR and really tried my best with communication when my leading officers were killed in game. I stepped up to lead and everyone respected me for it. They made me one of their Lieutenants, People were like - who the hell is this CS guy that came to bring it? I have so much respect for them - we legitimately had an incredible time!

    That is my heart of eGO memory- a little playful banter and a whole lot of respect, fun and gaming.

    Shout out to YoSpankDawg - he was foundational in welcoming me into DOD events and truly a great leader and friend in DOD.
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    God damnit OP, you really brought up some nice memories with this post. Thanks for getting me to use my head once in awhile.

    Will use this as a placeholder and edit it later on
    LoL IGN

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    my joining was generic, how about i write you a song instead

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    Even though I'm essentially a lurker these days, I'll share my story.

    Why I joined? I joined back in Late 2009. I was 11 years old. I just recently purchased Counter Strike Source and was in LOVE with the jailbreak game mode. I kept hopping between jail server and jail server, and then I stumbled upon eGO's server. The thing that got me sucked into this communtiy was the fact that the community was PG rated and had a no swearing policy. My 11 year old mind was like, "WOAH, I WON'T BE MADE FUN OF IN THIS SERVER OR BE CALLED SOMETHING RACIST!" So I played for the month then I joined illegally; because I didn't feel like filling out the COPPA form at the time.

    Favorite eGO memory? There's two.

    At some point throughout my first run in this community, Ill Legend (DL at the time) and Iamevilbear (DL) was obsessed with a site called It was literally a page that posts cute rabbit pictures every day. At some point, Legend and Bear told me to get my rabbit onto this site, so I did and my rabbit made the page. Butterscotch (my rabbit's name) got her own congratulatory post on the edge gamers CSS division forums. Butterscotch is no longer alive, but damn wasn't he adorable in that picture! Here are more pictures of my rabbit for the hell of it.

    And then.... there was the time I was promoted to an O. It was a hell of an accomplishment for me considering I was one of the youngest O's out there, but it was the most embarassing thing I've ever done as my 12 year old self. Ill Legend is 100% responsible for this.
    I'll set the scene. The day I got promoted was the day when I got my second molars removed (the teeth next to the wisdom teeth). It was a PAINFUL operation because I elected to just use novocaine and be conscious during the operation. THAT WAS A MISTAKE. I left surgey that day with my entire mouth completely numbed and full of pain. What did my agile 12 year old mind think to do immediately when I got home? Get on Ventrilo and attempt to talk to people. I went into Ill Legends channel just to troll around and tell them about my operation, and then immediately I get locked into a ventrilo room, Legend starts recording, and then the most cringiest recording of myself had been made.

    Reaction Thread:

    I can't watch that video. I've hidden that video for years hoping nobody would stumple upon it (Screw you Mega). My body aches with cringe everytime I watch that now 7 years older. But I'd say it's a fond memory to look back at now. And let's be honest, nobody wants to look at what their middle school self's have done. I'm just unfortunate enough to see my middle school self flash before me everytime I look at all the threads/post's I've made during my first run in eGO.

    eGO pride? Well, I chose to game here back in my first run because this community was friendly towards cringy, squeaking middle school kids. It was quite fun. Looking back, I cannot believe I climbed all the way up to be an O and be an event coordinator. In my second run, I was very fortunate to work with the media team and begin shoutcasting which is now a fond hobby of mine.(Shameless plug but I'll be shoutcasting the Overwatch Extravaganza this weekend, beginning at 4 pm EST. Come watch and support eGO!) Overall, part of my childhood was this organization so I'm thankful for everyone that has saw me develope over the years. I try to keep up with friends that I have in this community but now reality has called upon me to do good in the world (which means drown in debt in college). You may virgorously hate me, find me annoying, consider me a shitty shoutcaster, or consider me a friend. I'll still be fond of all the memorizies I've had with this community and nothing with tarnish that. I hope eGO continues in a path where people can make positive memorizes and friends for years to come.

    Thanks for the contest Nick! It's quite nice to reminisce about the past when midterm exams are coming up this week LOL.

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    i joined a little over 8 years ago from the office server. i didn't really get recruited by anyone but i was playing on the servers a lot at that point so i decided to join up. at that time i basically only played office and one day someone named phreedomphighter told me to come play highschool and i thought it was dumb at first but it turned out to be a good map. so for the next few years i dominated the server so hard and took #1 rank so easily that i had to get another account and then literally dominated again and got to #2 there. i was so insanely good that seomtimes i doubted my own abilities and wanted to report myself. i wanted to do it again and take #3 but i didnt have the money for another copy of css. im really glad phree told me to come in because i dont think i wouldve. overall my experience here has been pretty great and ive been here for a big part of my life. graduated high school in ego, went to college, finished college, and now im working. in hind sight i shouldve maybe spent a little less time playing games so i couldve passed my microsoft interview but ripperoni games are more fun than the ctci book. i still lurk around even if i dont post much because i still like to see whats goin on since ive put a lot of time here as an admin and previous leadership member. i hope u liked my tale and pick me cause i need rocket league keys
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    Alright.... before you read further. You might want to know that what I will be saying will cause drama no doubt.

    See the reason I joined eGO..was only because I met my two favorite admins who welcomed me into the TTT server with warm hearts. Whenever I played TTT, they were always on. However there wasn't the usual screaming and rdm fest going on like now. Everything was under control back then. I was recruited by Zeca and Thea who were the two admins that welcomed me. I instantly got hooked to TTT just cuz it was when TTT was at its peak. There was always players, no players mic spamming. Rules were always followed.

    My favorite eGO times were when swearing wasn't permitted, there was actually a thing called admins. It was probably 2-3 months after I joined eGO. I made a whole ton of friends. And i loved playing TTT with them. There wasnt problems such as mic spammers, disrespect etc. It was truly the best days of eGO and TTT that I experienced.

    However, it didnt last forever. Thea left CS Division, idk what happened to Zeca and with them gone, TTT just fell apart. I needed something to give me that "boost" to keep me stuck in TTT. And I was lucky, I found an admin who I just laughed with. He is a great friend. An admin that has always been there to help people. An admin who has stayed on TTT for more than 10 minutes.

    My motivation to stay in eGO, would probably be the new friends i've made. I mean, who doesnt want to play with friends.

    Hope you liked my tale filled w/ Drama.

    ( For those who are still wondering why I said "An admin who has stayed on TTT for more than 10 minutes." well think about it. Im on TTT daily and ive never seen an Admin actually stay long enough. I understand that being an admin isnt easy at all and this may be disrespectful to many of them. But dont take this that way, I am not trying to offend admins. I havent seen an admin stay on TTT long enough for them to be helpful. ofc, there have been some admins that stay a long time, and i am grateful for that, and i think many players are. But when you come on and just immediatly leave. It really...just sucks. There ya go, theres my explaination. )

    The Current Leaders/Advisors/Admins of CS Division are doing their best. I am not trying to talk trash. I know it is difficult being an admin, I wont forget that. So please, if you think of banning me. Its ur choice tbh, but just letting you know im not posting this to talk trash about CS Divison.
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