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    Question Award Application: Titan of TF2 & Hourly Achievements

    Titan of TF2

    Awarded to those who have shown dedication and love for Team Fortress 2 through the years.

    A MAUL Verified Steam account
    At minimum, 1000 hours in Team Fotress
    Be sure your Steam profile is not set to private so we may verify.

    TF2 Hourly Achievements

    The TF2 Hourly Achievements are a forum achievement issued to those who have reached a certain number of hours in TF2.

    How to Apply

    Reply to this thread with the following:
    A Link to your Steam Community profile.
    The award or achievement you are applying for.

    Do not post in this thread if you are not applying.

    Awards will be given out every 1 - 2 days.

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    Post Achievement Request for TF2 250 Hours

    Here's my Achievement Application for the TF2 250 Hours award.

    Steam Profile for DVS_Mind


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