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    Default Total Guide to TF2: EGO Edition

    Use this post to answer any questions you may have about the TF2 Division.
    This post contains information regarding TF2 Leadership, our Specialty Teams, Divisional Events, and more.

    As always, if you have any questions that cannot be answered by this post, please refer to the appropriate leadership member or specialty team.

    Thanks for reading and welcome to EGO's TF2 Division.

    Table of Contents
    Leadership Roster
    Specialty Team Roster
    Frequently Asked Questions
    Essential Commands
    Members of the Year

    Other Important Threads
    TF2 Divisional Event Information
    TF2 Leadership AMAs
    Application for Titan of TF2 and Hourly Achievements

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    Community Managers are responsible for ensuring that all divisions within eGO run perfectly and that our membership is informed and happy.
    All policy is handed down to the clan by them either directly or by delegation to the Division Leaders.
    They report to the Board of Directors.

    USCG Hammer
    Forum Profile
    Steam Community

    Division Leaders are the highest level of leadership for each division.
    They are wise, trusted members whose opinions help shape policy within eGO.
    They report directly to the Community Manager.

    The Mom of TF2

    Recruiting Coordinators

    Forum Profile
    Steam Community
    DrkChocolate's EGO AMA

    Advisors are experienced clan members, essential to keeping eGO running.
    They are the first level of clan leadership and are the GO-TO people in the event of a problem.
    They report to their Division Leaders.

    The Hotdog


    Forum Profile
    Steam Community
    Hotdogs' AMA

    My Name Jeff

    Admin Training

    Forum Profile
    Steam Community
    Jeff's EGO AMA
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    Event Coordinators

    Led By: DrkChocolate

    The Event Coordinators are responsible for planning and hosting the division's weekly events.
    They are also responsible, iin part, for planning and hosting special events, such as Tournaments.
    Members of the EC team report to the EC Advisor.

    Event Coordinators

    Forum // Steam
    Forum // Steam
    Forum // Steam

    Admin Training

    Led By: Jeff7890110
    Forum // Steam

    The Admin Training team is responsible for training our new admins.
    They are also responsible for upholding the policy set forth by the Community Management team.
    Members of the AT team report to the AT Advisor.


    Recruitment Coordinators

    Led By: DrkChocolate

    The Recruitment Coordinators are responsible for holding events and contests driven to bring new members into the community.

    Forum // Steam

    Competitive Team

    Led By: Vacant

    The TF2 Competitive Team represents the best of EGO in the competitive TF2 world.

    Highlander Team
    Vacant - Previously held by Noblenote
    Vacant - Previously held by GoldPyroConchi
    Vacant - Previously held by raijin
    Vacant - Previously held by attentiondefici
    Vacant - Previously held by Dianite
    Vacant - Previously held by rona
    Vacant - Previously held by melvyn
    Vacant - Previously held by aimboat
    Vacant - Previously held by PepperRabbit
    Vacant - Previously held by iLeMbeck

    EGO Professional Chess Boxing Team
    USCG Hammer

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    The Community

    • Q: Are there events?
    • A: Our dedicated Event Coordinators host multiple events per week. They are a fantastic way to get to know your fellow members and generally relax and get away from the standard play of TF2. We a little bit of everything - Prop Hunt, Nostalgic Maps, and even Members vs Leadership events.

      The TF2 Divisional Event Info thread can tell you everything you want to know about our events program.

    • Q: What happened to my tags/rank in server or teamspeak?
    • A: If your tags have disappeared, it's because you have been marked as inactive by MAUL. This is fixed very easily by simply logging into the forums at least once every seven days.

    • Q:How do I get promoted?
    • A: First and foremost, follow the rules! You cannot expect Leadership to entrust you with upholding the rules if you refuse to obey them. Secondly, get noticed. This can be done in several ways: recruiting new members, filling the servers, attending events, being a good sport in the servers, being active on the forums, and while not mandatory, be active in teamspeak. Thirdly, asking for a promotion is good way to delay or negate a promo completely. EGO is looking for mature admins and self-importance is not a trait we are looking for. Your character defines you wherever you are, so if you have a bad reputation, the only one holding you back is yourself. If you are a person of good character and an active member, the promotions will come.

      Harassing other members to put in promotion recommendations for you or "brown nosing" leadership will ensure you won't be promoted. Being an administrator in EGO is a privilege, not a right and you must earn that privilege.

    • Q: I am an eG, how do I show that I am ready to be an eGO?
    • A: The requirements for getting promoted in the first place carry twofold here. Leadership will only grant you the ability to wield Idol's Almighty Banhammer once you've shown that you can handle the responsibility. This can be done by making the appropriate and correct judgement when admining our servers, answering the Admin Scenarios correctly or showing your willingness to lend a hand. Above everything else, field experience will show if you are ready or not.

    • Q: I will be gone for [time], will I lose my admin or membership?
    • A: Your membership to EGO will never be revoked because of time spent away. However, administrative powers in server and on teamspeak will be revoked automatically upon being marked as inactive by MAUL. This can be avoided by logging into the forums once every seven days.

      If you need to be away for an extended period of time, notify a member of Leadership. They can assist you further.

    The Servers

    • Q: Do the TF2 servers track my stats?
    • A: EGO uses GameMe to track statistics across of our servers, with the exception of the events servers. This is true for Day of Defeat and Counter-Strike as well.

    • Q: What commands are available while in the servers?
    • A: Commands available to players and admins can be found in the next post in this thread.

    • Q: How do I notify the admins of a problem on the server?
    • A: We have a number of ways to notify an admin of a problem.

      1. If there are any admins on your server and you believe they may have overlooked an infraction of the rules, send them a message directly. To do this, open team chat (default key: U), type @ and then your message. All the admins on the server will see your message.
      2. If there are no admins on your server, you can send a message via global admin chat. To do this, open team chat (default key: U), type & and then your message. All the admins across all of our TF2 servers will see your message.
      3. Log onto the TeamSpeak server and go down to the Team Fortress 2 rooms. Join any of the rooms and ask if there is an admin present to help with the problem.
      4. Look through your Steam friends and look for an admin who would be able to help you with the problem.
      5. Depending on the severity, you can file a complaint via Dropbox or Request a Ban on the forums.

      Note that only Leadership can view the DropBox. Requesting a Ban should be left for a problem where the warn and kick procedures were followed and the problem still occurs or if there was a clear violation of eGO's zero tolerance policy such as racism.

      Be mindful that any resolution may be slower in implementation as DropBox and Request a Ban isn't checked as actively as a message on the server, TeamSpeak, or on Steam.

    • Q: There is a hacker in the server and no admin around, what do I do?
    • A: If you've done the steps above and still cannot find an admin, you can record a demo and submit it for leadership review. Follow the steps below.

      1. To do this, go into Spectator, then find the player in question.
      2. Open your Console (default key: ~)
        - Note: To Open Console you must check the appropriate box under Advanced Options on the TF2 Main Menu.
      3. Type record <enter any name here, preferably the player's name>
      4. When finished, open your console and type stop.
      5. Your demo will be saved in your steam game directory.
      6. Once you've captured the demo, use our Ban Request Form to submit it for leadership review.

    Specialty Teams

    • Q: What specialty teams are available within the TF2 Division?
    • A: The TF2 Division has three teams that help with operations within the division. Event Coordinators, Admin Trainers and Recruitment Coordinators.

    • Q: What are Event Coordinators?
    • A: The Event Coordinators, or ECs, are eGO ranked admins who are responsible for planning and hosting divisional events for TF2. You can find more important about the events program in the TF2 Divisional Event Info thread.

      If you are interested in becoming an Event Coordinator, please talk to any member of TF2 Leadership.

    • Q: What are Admin Trainers?
    • A: The Admin Trainers, or ATs, are eGO ranked admins who are responsible for training newly promoted eGs and eGOs. They themselves are trained in every aspect of the rules and regulations that EGO enforces. If you have questions about EGO policy or how to admin a situation, these are the people to talk to.

      If you are interested in becoming an Admin Trainer, please talk to the AT Manager, Jeff7890110.

    • Q: What are Recruitment Coordinators?
    • A: Recruitment Hosts are eG or eGO ranked admins who are devoted to cooperation between the ranks of EGO as well as facilitating recruitment and the integration of newcomers into the TF2 Division and EGO.

      If you are interested in becoming a Recruitment Coordinator, please talk to the RC Advisor, DrkChocolate.


    • Q: I am interested in playing TF2 competitively, does EGO have a TF2 Competitive Team?
    • A: Yes! Our roster is listed above and we are currently looking for subs. Please contact Jeff7890110 if you're interested in joining

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    GameMe Commands
    Brings up the GameME menu

    !gameme_vanish 1
    Eliminates GameME points messages

    Shows your rank.

    Rock The Vote Commands
    Starts a "Rock The Vote" after a certain number of people !rtv, a map vote will be triggered.

    !nominate or !nominate <map>
    Nominate a map for the "Rock The Vote" map vote.
    !nominate alone will bring up a menu containing eligible maps.

    Point Shop Commands
    The point shop is currently disabled. A new store is in the works.

    Miscellaneous Commands
    Allows you to switch servers.

    !up / !down <player's name>
    Raises or lowers the in-game reputation of another player.

    Shows your in-game reputation.

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    Awarded to members of the TF2 Division who have made a long lasting and significant impact on the division.
    This section is an homage to all of our members of the year, through the years of the TF2 division.












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