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    Post Have you joined the eGO TF2 Steam Group?

    See that big green button? You should probably be pressing it. If you're tired of missing events and not knowing when the next meeting is? Then it's time to join up.

    We want your input too; what sort of announcements would you like to see coming from this group? How often would you like to see posts on there? Let us know below!

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    Weekly event rundown
    Fewer than 5 spam announcements when filling

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    Quote Originally Posted by -=DUH=- View Post
    We really would like your input on this!!!!
    I'm flattered!

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    I want to see birthdays and I'd like to see event posts to pop up at least 30 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin.

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    Definitely reminders about events
    Birthdays are a good idea
    Spontaneous party nights always appreciated

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