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    Talking League Add me and Game

    Hey everyone.

    Please add me on LOL. name is D3ATHR3AP3R0801.
    I dont like playing alone and we get point boosts when playing as party

    Thank you
    Kind Regards

    P.S. Coetzer

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    DiceUSN, my wife wanted to play so I'm back at it again. Lvl 13
    Very Respectfully,
    =(eGO)= Dice

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    Haven't played LoL in a long time but I'll start playing again. My username is Yehhp

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    New post in a long time! Add me up for norms, flex, or pretty much anything

    IGN: Kiss The Devil

    Quote Originally Posted by D3ATH-R3AP3R-81 View Post
    Hey everyone.

    name is D3ATHR3AP3R0801.

    Tried to add you on league but didn't hit a match. Are you on NA server?
    Last edited by Kim Possible; 01-01-2017 at 01:18 AM.
    LoL IGN

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    Quote Originally Posted by boobthetoucan View Post
    I'll add you if you don't mind Kim.
    Course I won't mind. Hit me up anytime I'm on and we can play some norms
    LoL IGN

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    IGN: PortableP not ranked yet but love to play

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