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    Default Overwatch Comp Team Tryouts

    Tis the season for tryouts again

    We will be holding Overwatch Comp Team tryouts this weekend December 2 - 4 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) from 8pm - 10pm Central Time.

    We are looking to have 2 complete competitive teams this time around. Having a mic is a mandatory requirement.

    Our current competitive team will be participating in tryouts and will help gauge the newcomers. Mister36 and myself will be THE FINAL SAY on who makes the rosters. We will both be spectating and joining teams periodically. This way we can observe the action and see how team chemistry is working out. Mister36 and myself will be recording the tryouts and will be reviewing the tapes as we work through building the rosters. I will be making my recordings public, this way players can see what we are looking for and what can be improved upon (constructive criticism). Please do not take what Mister36 and I say personally, we are brutally honest when it comes to constructive criticism and just want to help you become better player.

    If you are interested in trying out, please post here with your battlenet name and roles/heroes you want to tryout for (current active Comp Team members DO NOT need to do this). You can tryout for multiple roles. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM Mister36 or myself.

    As side note, our current practice times are Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 9pm-10pm Central Time. More than likely this will not be changing.

    We look forward to seeing you this weekend!

    PS- I probably left some info off of here, so expect some minor updates to this post in the upcoming days.
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    A big thanks to everyone who helped scrim for the last couple weeks of our matches, as said before we did that not only to help us practice, but to give non-team members a look into how the games are played out, and to see you guys in action.

    A couple quick things -

    1.) Be sure you are able to dedicate the time necessary for this

    We have practice usually three times a week, Most likely another season of UGC Matches, and maybe even one-off tournaments. If you are on the teams, but don't show up for practice/scrims, you cannot expect to be put in the lineup. Life happens, of course, but if you wish to tryout, please be sure you are able to handle the commitment.

    2.) This tryout is more than your personal skill at the game

    Now of course, being experienced in Overwatch is important, but equally important is your attitude, willingness to adapt in-game, chemistry with other players, etc etc. I would almost say this is more important overall, since our main goal is to have fun. You gotta be able to take the losses and the wins.

    Hope to see you all there!

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    Wish I could be there, but I'll be gone this weekend.
    I am the Yellow Ranger!

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    Battle net ID: Panda#12536

    Role: Off tank (Roadhog, DVA, Zarya) / DPS (All offensives heroes minus Tracer, Can also play Mei, Junkrat, Hanzo). Possible IGL, though in general the whole team should make the calls together, not one main person
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    SEiGE : ill take some credits..? <3 :3
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    =(eGO)= pnndaa : !down SEiGE

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    Battle net ID: Russo#1221

    Role: DPS (McRee Main, Can play most dps); Off Tank (Zarya/Road)
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    Unfortunately ill be gone all weekend and with finals week approaching wont be able to practice 3 times a week. If you ever need a cheerleader though definitely hit me up.

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    Battlenet: DUH#11538
    Role: Reinhardt and D.VA

    I will be at tryouts on Saturday and Sunday, but am unable to be there Friday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott View Post
    I used to be good at Overwatch ...
    I used to, too. I still am, but I use to.

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