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    Default Halloween Update

    You expected patch notes, but it was ME, Mister36!

    Seriously though, it's most likely coming today, 11 AM PST, 1PM CST. Korean PCCafes got a notice that their game will be updating 3AM on the 12th -

    Basically says:

    (Patch) Overwatch
    Patch Date: 2016/10/12 Wed 3AM (KST)
    Newest Client Version:
    Patch Size: About 1.74 GB. Login available after downloading the patch.

    This coincides with the message on Eichenwalde:

    "Evacuation Order: The evacuation will begin on October 11th (11.10) at 3-8:00 o’clock" With 8PM Germany time lining up with the update time above.

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    Some information from a Korean PC bang blizzard partner program suggest it may drop tomorrow.

    Edit: Never mind it is likely today at 2PM EST,
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    Kind of disappointed that they just darkened the skin of some characters and made their eyes glow as a "zombie" getup (and why isn't Hanzo's named "Oni" instead of the english translation "Demon"?). And where's McCree's skin? He was shown with one in the comic, but he doesn't get even a zombie one?

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to farm the Junkrat, Mercy, and Reaper skins

    /and the R.I.P. victory poses
    //an' mebbie Bastion's skin...

    137.6 decibel World Record Fan Noise 12/2/13!

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    Spooky Rea-er, I mean Reaper's legendary. XD

    137.6 decibel World Record Fan Noise 12/2/13!

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    I got the Mercy skin on the box it gave me at first.

    Jade was salty.

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