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    Post Overwatch - I'm fed up of being called Cheater.

    Gamers Ahoy,

    A lot of people are reporting me for cheating.
    and nagging in the chat.

    Here is proof i am not cheating. i made a video of me playing McCree & Hanzo.
    It's just demotivating me to play overwatch again.

    For whoever thought i was cheating here you go.

    McCree: [ame][/ame]
    Hanzo: [ame][/ame]

    I played 15 years of Counter-Strike. The skills i have learned in those years will not just dissapear.

    Thank you for reading
    And As Always, Gamers Ahoy!

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    Overwatch is an easy game to get into. Especially if you got skills coming from other games. Keep it up man!
    All I play is Overwatch.

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    I'll check these out a little bit later, currently watching the Microsoft panel of E3 on twitch.

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