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Thread: We them boys.

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    Default We them boys.

    All I play is Overwatch.

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    Oh hey, I think I see Medviah

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    Hi I'm Lucio, add me, Jaktngames #1118

    Nice round yis

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    T'was fun.
    Quote Originally Posted by Emmy View Post
    You are also a butthead but the cutest girl as well
    Quote Originally Posted by Antraze View Post
    Of course you're the best girl, you're the cutest, afterall~.
    Quote Originally Posted by Insomnia Princess View Post
    Good thing you're cute.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kazoo View Post
    Considering you are the most adorable member in eGO, I would expect you to understand the kawaii-ness. :o
    Quote Originally Posted by Caelestis View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Fullmetal View Post
    Can I change my name to Nunnally and then complain that I never see who kills me?
    Nonsense. If you're going to be someone who complains, you're going to be renamed Rolo.

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    never inviting me, I swear D:
    Proud member of Team!

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