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    Default [Seeking Advice] Premedical School/Med School and EMT Work

    Hello everyone. I am posting this in hopes of reaching out to EMTs or first responders in general, Doctors, and premedical/current medical students in hopes of obtaining some words of wisdom and advice.

    A little about myself:
    I am currently a 2nd year premedical student pursuing a BAS degree in Microbiology. I've been looking for a college job that I would enjoy and would also be related to the medical field. At first I tried to apply to be a Medical Scribe in a local ER, but I did not get the position and it was one of the only scribe companies around and will not be hiring again until next summer. Next, I applied to some of the pharmacies around my home (CVS, Walgreens, Publix) which I figure would be alright as it is still the medical field, but it's not the part I'm extremely interested in. I want to be a trauma surgeon because I want to help save lives and have a huge positive impact in this world and hopefully leave it better than when I was born into it. I recently read an article suggesting that I become an EMT or volunteer with the Fire Dept. or ambulance company, which I cannot believe I did not think about before. I reached out to one of the brothers of a fraternity I plan on rushing and he is helping me get situated and plan for EMT work. Since becoming an official EMT requires a semester of classes, my current plan is to take those classes next summer semester, but in the mean time get my 2 year CPR/First Aid certification, which I believe will allow be to volunteer on an ambulance (according to my friend) until I receive that EMT training. I'm actually really excited to begin work as an EMT because it'll be the closest thing to working in the ER besides actually working in the ER - I'll be able to witness some of the stuff I'll be dealing with first hand and hopefully learn how to recognize and treat injuries. I know it'll also look good on my medical school application, but sincerely and honestly I'm just excited to be able to help people. I'm a little worried if being an EMT will interfere with my schooling, but I think I can handle it if I pick my hours right.

    I guess there's no real "one" question here, but if you have any words of wisdom or advice, it would be greatly appreciated.
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    From a technical standpoint, EMT's the way to go; however, EMT can be a stressful job and might interfere with classes - that's something you have to make sure to consider.
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