Hey guys, we're running a game developing start-up and asking you for a feedback. Those games prototypes are based on real data collected by space exploration agencies. We have three main ideas:
1. Future, year 2100, you fight for survival as one of the countries. The environment's condition is critical and human race is close to extinct. Your aim is to develop economically without completely destroying the Earth. Other players are on the same planet, each of your decisions impact them directly and has an influence on the climate. 3D visualisation of the Earth on which you perform every action (RTS).
2. Representatives of a distant civilization come back to Earth for the first time after the 1947 Roswell incident. Surprisingly they do not find any living human on Earth. The planet's surface is in a condition as humans had been there a day before. In the campaing your aim is to develop a colony on Earth and to discover a mistery of human race disappearance. Multiplayer envolves rivalry between different fractions of alien civilization and the aspect of humans is omitted or barely mentioned. General map (3D spherical shape) but specific interfaces (cities - Civilization or Heroes style) you enter are in retro style.
3. Future once again, humanity is dealing with numerous asteroids on collision trajectories. Cooperative multiplayer where you're in a team using futuristic technologies (magnetic field generators, huge lasers, gravitational guns and plenty of other cool stuff) to prevent collisions and use other celestial bodies' resources or themselves for your purposes. The game's flight dynamics would be based on real physical laws. Each member of the team would have a unique role to play in the mission (e.g. flight operator, mechanic, navigator etc.).
We'd be grateful for all the responses. Leave your feedback. If you don't have time or just are too lazy to write, just leave a number of the idea you like the most.
Thanks in advance.