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    Quote Originally Posted by Better Nerf Irelia View Post
    I'm 19.

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    I'm 7teen
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    Some say I'm 50, but what my drivers license say.. is 21
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    Quote Originally Posted by He@d$hoT View Post
    I think the older members are going to be in our division. I am only 23 though.
    This. I'm 21 and I feel quite young in the DoD:S rooms on teamspeak. Different age group on this game for sure aha

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    Multi-Divisional Recruiter
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheezyshooter View Post
    22 but people think I look 18. #Asiangenes
    Must've missed the memo on #Asiangenes because I'm 21 but people mistake me for 24-25
    =(eGO)= |Drew-X: Bro we would be best buds
    =(eGO)= |Drew-X: in RL
    =(eGO)= Terror: We would
    =(eGO)= Terror: We're best buds in here
    =(eGO)= Terror: Good enough
    =(eGO)= |Drew-X: Yeah :D

    =(eGO)= Venomkilled: But honestly, when did you get good at this game?

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