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View Poll Results: Are you at all disturbed by the amount of violence in today's video games?

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  • Yes; I avoid playing video games that are too violent

    4 2.05%
  • Somewhat; too-realistic violence can bother me

    14 7.18%
  • A little; when there is a ton of blood and gore

    30 15.38%
  • No; it does not bother me one bit

    147 75.38%
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    It's odd, because I have actually notice the industry as a whole has become less violence focused recently. In the 2000s, it seemed that developers were keen to push the envelope when it came to violence as extreme gore was seen as a way to push up sales. Game series like Manhunt, Soldier of Fortune, and Postal existed specifically to showcase violence and little else.

    These days, when we see extreme violence it's usually in the context of horror games and in this case is there to elevate the atmosphere. The gore in games Dead Space 2 and The Evil Within is not there for the sake of wallowing in extreme violence, but is instead there to disgust and shock the player. Sure, there are a few outliers but for the most part the industries' view on violence has changed. Of course, I probably have just grown used to it. Heck, I barely even bat an eye anymore when someones head explodes in a shooter.

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    Being a competitive person, I look at most shooters based on the techniques, strategies, and skills necessary to be good at those games. The violence doesn't really factor into it.

    However, when a game's basic selling point and purpose is to be over-the-top violent, then it gets to be too much. Yes, we want games to be realistic, but there is much more to reality than slamming a man's face into the ground repeatedly. Even if it does sadly happen in real life occasionally.

    tl;dr not my cup of tea.

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    No because it's a game, not real life. I've seen gunshot wounds before and video games have come nowhere close to what they look like in real life
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    No, I can understand some people's point of view though

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    Well I've played shooting games my whole life and now I have about 7 or 8 guns but I don't think the two are related lol.

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    If you don't like violent games, don't play them (and don't let your kids play them)...

    (rant below)

    Game developers should be able to make whatever they want. There are violent video games and non-violent video games, choose the one that fits you. Life is all about choices and if you live in a free part of the world you are most certainly able to choose to not partake something that may annoy or offend you. At the end of the day it's just a game.

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    No the violence doesn't bother me. And yes I remember the eye scene in DS2. That bugged me. Same with Pyramid Head and his mannequin in SH2.

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