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    In this week of TTT I discovered THE PLOT the plot of Satan. No matter how or when or where Satan manages to be the traitor even without killing. this must be stopped in the name of ______. I have no idea what to put there so fill in the blank. The Plot of the traitor Satan is simple, Be awesome and kill everyone not physically.... but mentally... Scary to think about. It must be stopped. How? you may ask. I WILL TELL YOU! When I figure it out, Therefore we must continue to watch Satan closely (But not to close) so we may figure this out.

    The moral of the story is.... Satan is awesome so watch out.

    Also Michael Bolton may be a accomplice.

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    i understand completely. he acts the same every round, even if hes a traitor or not. he'll even act like a traitor when hes the detective. my advice to survive, NEVER have your back to satan. and if he has a shotgun stay as far away as possible.

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    I agree
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    First Rule of TTT with Satan: never take your eyes off Satan

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