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View Poll Results: Do you ever play video games at work/school?

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  • Yes; I play at work/school all the time

    38 22.22%
  • Sometimes

    56 32.75%
  • No; I never play at work/school

    71 41.52%
  • I use to until I got into trouble...

    6 3.51%
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    Not too many chances to play computer games in a restaurant, I would if I could lol

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    *cough* at my old school I would *cough* play video games all day *cough*

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    Quote Originally Posted by iSimon View Post
    Your school actually blocks content? Even in high school they stopped blocking content (outside of some extremities, of course) but it's very difficult to find much blocked where I am these days
    I only graduated high school in 2012 and they blocked almost all game related content and forums. I remember in my old high school we could use proxies to get around it, but the school I ultimately graduated from was locked down pretty well. I played Diablo II and Warcraft III Frozen Throne in my computer class, by launching it from a flash drive though. As of last year the school moved to iPads and they still blocked content on them pretty good, except over breaks.

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    Before I lost my job, I was doing call center work but working from home. So yes, I would play games while at work. It was good times. :D

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    I usually play clash of clans at work during break and used to play runescape in computer class back when I was in high school.

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    I'll play some games on my phone while im in the loo sometimes

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    In graphics class we were able to download minecraft and we would make a LAN server and do PVP battles and stuff, then they removed minecraft from all the computers and blocked it. Then recently we found a way to change the administrator password so we downloaded steam and csgo and played that all day in graphics class.

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    The newspaper team at my highschool loaded CS 1.6 and Halo (combat evolved???) on the the school network.

    Oh admins and there singing:

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    Quote Originally Posted by _MEGA View Post
    Anime? What a nerd!
    Says the guy with Yui from Oregairu as his avatar, and Hatsune Miku and Kobeni in his signature /s
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