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    Question TF2 Division Event Info

    The Team Fortress 2 Division proudly offers a variety of events: fun ones, competitive ones, and many more besides! The purpose behind these events is to provide people with enjoyable and risible experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.

    Around the World
    Phineas Fogg took 80 days to go around the world. Now you can do it in 45 minutes. Everyone is the same class for five minutes and then changes to the next class until all nine classes have been played. Way more fun than Magellan had circumnavigating the world.

    Remember how you used to play this game in gym class? Now relive those moments, only with crockets instead of balls! Two teams compete on special maps to attempt to eliminate each other by airblasting rockets at each other.

    Dog Tag Scrim
    In EdgeGamers, there are 3 ranks:


    Dog Tag Scrims are a three part event. The first match is between members ranked =(e)= and =(eG)=. Everyone with the =(e)= tag will all be on one team, and same goes with the =(eG)= tag. Whoever the winner is will then go on to face =(eGO)= ranked members. Then, for the last match, the winners of the second match will face leadership. Whoever wins the final game, will be the champions and receive unlimited bragging rights until the next Dog Tag Scrim. The winning team will also receive the TF2 Dog Tag Scrim Award!

    There can only be one…of each class! Each team is composed of nine people, with one of each class represented. Prove to your foes that you are the best in your class by besting them on the field of honor.

    Karaoke Night
    It's like The Voice, only without commercials or talent! Join your fellow members in song in pursuit of the special Song of the Seahorse achievement. This event happens only on Team Speak once a month.

    Late Night Fight
    We’re staying up past our curfew and there’s nothing anyone can do about it! During this event we will play custom maps as well as Valve maps, depending on what the players want! This is a community member only time.

    Pay no attention to that bush over there…it’s just a bush. Don’t even look twice at it. Wait, did it move? Surprise! Pyros are let loose to find all of the scouts disguised as background props. They may even be hiding in plain sight…

    Road Trip
    Road trip’s are when one division heads out to another division, and joins in on the fun in their regular servers, as well as enjoying playing some fun games in their event server.

    Royal Rumble
    Traditionally, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. On Royal Rumble nights, though, just the opposite applies: sixteen leaders square off against sixteen non-leaders. If Leadership dominates you, you are kicked out and can only come back if there is room. If you dominate Leadership, showcase your skilled kill to the world and claim a terrific bounty!

    Special Map Night
    From the halls of Black Mesa to the sands of Warpath, we merrily tour classic, custom maps. Every night is a trip to another exotic land. Be sure to take a lot of screenshots!

    Worst Event Ever
    Have you ever been ashamed of how you play a particular class? Don’t worry; your secret is safe with me…and everyone else who will be playing their worst class at the same time. After 30 minutes, switch over to your best class and reclaim your self-esteem.


    Events Code of Conduct

    All EdgeGamers Organization rules are in effect at all times in events.
    Event Coordinators are in charge of events. Please obey their instructions and do not argue or interfere with them. They and they alone are solely responsible for the administration of events.
    Event Coordinators are the admins in charge. Let the EC’s do the admining while on the event server.
    Please refrain from using Admin Chat unless permitted to do so by the Event Coordinators.
    Some events utilize mods and/or commands. Please refrain from complaining about these; their purpose is to maximize the enjoyment of the attendees.
    You garner recognition by attending events! Your decorum and degree of participation determine if you are recognized in a positive or negative manner.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is an EC?
    A: An EC, or Event Coordinator, is a member of the EC Program. ECs are in charge of scheduling events, hosting events, and ensuring that everyone follows the rules and has fun.

    Q: What is the EC Program?
    A: The Event Coordinator Program is a program dedicated to hosting events for the members of eGO. This allows members to play a variety of crazy, fun games with friends in an eGO, family-friendly environment. The program also gives non-Leadership eGO members the opportunity to enhance their leadership abilities and give back to the community.

    Q: Who are the ECs?
    A: Check out the Event Coordinator Roster, where each EC is listed, as well as his/her forum and Steam profile. Feel free to add them to your friends list.

    Q: Who is in charge of the EC Team?
    A: There is currently no leader of the EC Team.

    Q: How do I become an EC?
    A: To become an EC, you must meet the following requirements:

    You are a confident speaker and have Team Speak installed.
    You have excellent knowledge of EdgeGamers policies - inside and out!
    You must have good standing within the community.
    You work well in a team.
    You are in the Team Fortress 2 Division.
    You regularly play Team Fortress 2.
    You regularly attend events.
    You are of =(eGO)= rank

    Your standing in the community and how you conduct yourself in it also affect your chances of being hired. New ECs will be hired on an as-needed basis (i.e. when more ECs are needed). If you meet the requirements and are interested in participating, feel free to contact any of TF2 Leadership to get an interview set up.

    Q: Where are events hosted?
    A: The IP address for the event server is Add the server to your favorites! Most events take place on the event server server. Some events, such as Karaoke Nights and Road Trips, may take place elsewhere; their location will be provided in advance of the event.

    Q: How do the ECs decide which event to host?
    A: ECs will typically host an event that he/she personally enjoys. ECs also coordinate with each other behind the scenes to provide a variety of events. Feedback from the community also helps determine which events will be hosted. If you want a certain event to be hosted, ask an EC if it is possible to be hosted in the near future.

    Q: When are events hosted?
    A: Usually, events are hosted at 9 p.m. EST (but this is not always the case). Join the eGO TF2 Steam Group to be notified about upcoming events. You can also take a look at the Forum Calendar or down below.

    Q: Are events scheduled exclusively for those in the North American time zones?
    A: As of right now, events are more convenient for those in North American time zones. However, based on a demand for events friendlier to other time zones, the ECs can host events at different times.

    Q: Do eGO rules apply during events?
    A: Yes, all eGO rules apply.

    Q: Why was I kicked for, "Not listening to ECs?"

    A: During some events, the game has specific rules. The ECs will explain the rules and everyone must follow them. Rules are usually explained at the beginning, so be sure to listen!

    Q: Can my friend who is not in eGO play in the events?
    A: This depends on the event. Most events are open to pubs. However, several events are exclusive to eGO members (i.e. Royal Rumbles and Dog Tag Scrims).

    Q: Is there a password to join the events?
    A: Not always, but some events do have passwords. The password will be posted in the forum calendar entry for that event.

    Q: I got disconnected from the server and now there is a password. What do I do or whom do I ask for the password?
    A: When the map changes, the default password locks the server. Generally, the server is unlocked as soon as possible. If it has been a while, contact an EC over Steam and ask about it.

    Q: Can I download the custom maps before the event?
    A: Yes, you can! We have compiled a spreadsheet of our custom maps with download links. You can find it here. We will list the custom maps we plan on using in the calendar entries.

    Q: I have an idea for an event/comment/suggestion/complaint. To whom do I talk?
    A: Create and submit a thread in the Contact Leadership forum and make it clear in the title that it's about the TF2 Division events.

    Q: None of my questions were answered in this FAQ. Whom should I contact with my question?
    A: Feel free to ask any of the ECs. They will respond to you promptly and professionally.
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