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    Default EdgeGamers UltiDuo Tournament - Nov 14-15

    Please go HERE to see bracket and information

    EdgeGamers is proud to host a tournament in a most unque and competitive gamemode in Team Fortress 2: Ulti-duo!

    What is ultiduo? How do you play? Find out HERE

    This will be a 32-team tournament taking place over Saturday November 14th and Sunday November 15th. There are prizes for the top 3 teams from our sponsors listed! (More specifics on those soon)

    The tournament will be played on eGO servers - information regarding this will be posted soon.

    Sign-ups are now closed as we have reached 32 teams.

    Teams are required to sign up as a full team of soldier/medic, individual entries will not be accepted. It will be on a first-come first-serve up to 32 teams, and we are restricting teams to North American only, as we can only provide servers in NA.

    The Official Tourney Page can be found HERE It has bracket and time information.

    Official Discussion Thread + Full rules

    Tournament Quicklinks
    Forum Account Registration
    MAUL Verification
    TeamSpeak 3 Server Information

    More Info will be posted soon!
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    The OP has been updated with the official page which has bracket information.

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    I will be sending a PM to everyone today with server info and some other stuff. Check back often.

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