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    Exclamation A Knight of Demomen! - Announcement and Official Rules


    Grab your shield, arm yourself with your sharpest blade, A Knight of Demomen is upon us. Prepare yourself for the craziest of Team Fortress 2 events - it's an all out Demoknight battle.

    Saturday, August 22, 12:00pm ET - 12:00am ET

    For twelve hours, players will battle as Demoknights to try and collect the most heads. All players must wield a shield and any melee weapon - no cabers. Players are also permitted to use the booties and the bootlegger. The top three players based on total kills after the twelve hours will be named victorious and receive the greatest of rewards.

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    All players planning to participate must have a registered forum account, and be EdgeGamers MAUL verified.
    Note: you do not need to be Teamspeak verified.

    The Server IPs will be posted on the forums before the event. You will also be able to search for them with =(eGO)= in the server browser. There will be at least 5 servers.

    Update: Get the Server Info Here:

    Server availability will be announced in our TeamSpeak server or forums prior to the start of the event. EdgeGamers staff will also be available through the day on the teamspeak server. Official tournament staff will be labeled with a [TF2 STAFF] tag.

    Being a member of eGO is not required, however we are always looking for members!

    Please read the Full Rules and Regulations and post any questions you have in this thread:
    Official Tournament Rules and Regulations

    Tournament Quicklinks
    Forum Account Registration
    MAUL Verification
    TeamSpeak 3 Server Information

    P.S. Want to win a copy of the Complete Valve Pack? Check it out HERE
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