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    Anyone willing to make me a steam avatar that could also work for other profile pictures such as Skype

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    I'd be more than happy to help you out! Send me a PM with what you're looking for and I would be more than willing to create something you like!

    Hawk, the ultimate eye of the night,
    Peering to the world below; different than an ordinary crow,
    he watches for weakness and for opportunity;
    to take advantage of any situation;
    but like the wind beneath its feathers, the hawk is light;
    quick to move and precise in his flight; he reigns
    proud, with humble posture, his chest puffed up
    like a king ruling on his throne.
    The hawk is truly the king of such powers,
    as any other creature near simply cowers; yet
    the hawk reigns high, making it clear,
    that no other animal produces such fear.
    Author: Matthew Pinson; Hawk

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