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    Thumbs up 5 years on the forums, 6+ around eGO

    and hopefully more to come. Thread is a bit late, as my 5 year mark on the forums was on the 15th, but better late then never.

    TL;DR No I'm not leaving ; Thanks for the fun and the memories, as I hope to continue doing so!

    How long have I been around eGO?
    • On the forums: 5 years 1 week
    • Around eGO in general (as a pub and/or member): roughly 6-7 years, if not longer
    • As a member of eGO (total amount): Don't know exactly, due to leaving/rejoining a couple times..But if I had to do the math (and if I did it correctly )..approximately 1 year 8 months, give or take
      • Member since most recent rejoin: 1 year 6 days

    My experience in eGO and how I first joined
    The first eGO servers I played on were the two CSS Jail servers that we had some years ago. I joined eGO in the CS Division I believe it was shortly after it was just down to 1 Jail server, although can't remember exactly. Some months later, after having been promoted to eG as well as eGO, and transferred to the STRAT Division (Which is now merged into OpX) for a bit, I transferred to the DODS Division.

    Lately I have also been in the PSC as a application processor, as well as DODS NME (New Member Experience) Representative, but now with PSC becoming a actual division I plan to step down from PSC at the beginning of May and remain DODS, so I won't be able to continue app-processing afterwards. I believe I will, however, still be able to be a DODS NME Representative, and thus help show any recruits the ropes, or how to find their way around eGO as well as any other information they may need.

    Since I first joined eGO, I won't hesitate to admit that I've made some mistakes and caused issues, and for that I apologize. Despite being around the gaming community, and eGO, for awhile (Now almost 21, I joined eGO when I was 17, been a admin for various communities since around 13 years old and been playing online games in general since I was around 7 years old, if not 6), I'm still learning things. Some things I may or may not have liked, and because of this I've said things I shouldn't have or done something I shouldn't have.

    While I'm not trying to aim the reason behind these mistakes at my 'disabilities', as my mistakes are of my own wrong-doing and thus I accept taking responsibility of these, if that's the right way to put it, I figured I'd mention a few things about me that most don't know about:

    Asperger's Syndrome, Birth Defects & Life's Challenges
    I tend to say things differently then most. Because of this sometimes they are either confused or take what I said differently then how I meant. Likewise, I also tend to interpret/understand things differently, hence why I often look for clarification, verification, or ask a lot of questions. One example of this is that sometimes (not the same as saying 'every time' or 'always') I don't know when someone is being serious about something or being sarcastic or joking, unless they say so or I eventually notice (Specifically speaking, their tone sounds serious but they're actually just joking or being sarcastic).

    I'm not saying stop having those types of jokes or any joke in general, as I don't mind at all, but as I mentioned, just explaining how I tend to interpret/understand things.

    Also, due to various experiences in my life, such as being born with Craniosynostosis (Abnormal head shape), Cleft Lip/Palate, Syndactyly (For me, it was webbed middle/ring fingers on both hands), and other 'traits', I was bullied a lot during school..and never stood my ground up until late High School, but even then I didn't really stand my ground, and the feeling or after-affects of being bullied never left. Because of this, when I get rather upset my temper tends to 'take control', so to speak. For awhile now, though, I've been trying to remedy this so that at the very least I don't get so upset as easily.

    Because of the bullying, social life was also difficult up until around late Sophomore/ early Junior year of High School (which is also roughly around the time I first joined eGO). Most of those I did hang out with were my older brothers' friends, but even then, I was, and currently still am shy. This may be surprising considering I talk a bit in TeamSpeak and 'report enemy movement' frequently in-game, but for reasons I can't explain aside from having [been diagnosed with] Asperger's Syndrome for all of this and a few other reasons, for me it's easier talking to someone in ways other then face-to-face, such as being able to say things in great detail via writing/text (This more-so being as of the past couple years since years ago it was a bit difficult)

    Because of all this and a few other things, there's been a number of times I've considered suicide, sometimes seriously or more-so then I usually do when the thought comes up, and to this day it sometimes still happens..but every-time that happens somewhere in my mind I find the strength to just be alive - I think of all the good things that I've done or the fun times I have had with friends or family, or even playing a game, as well as what may happen if I were to do it, and, simply speaking, just tell myself to move on and enjoy life.

    Also, I again apologize for 'being a burden', simply speaking, with the constant number of questions I ask, the arguments/issues I've caused, among other things. I've been working hard the past couple years on having this at the very least not be a problem anymore, but I'll admit there's times it still happens.

    Anyways, I could go on about my life, and my apologies for doing so here, but if you want to know more then feel free to contact me, although most of the major things that can be explained are pretty much mentioned here, but the point of this thread:

    I've been around eGO for awhile and had a lot of fun, still have fun, made friends and still making friends, helped out a bit, as well as still helping out at-least where I'm able - eGO is like a 2nd family to me. For that, I thank you all, especially due to everything I mentioned above, and hope to continue having fun with you all and helping around where I can.

    One other thing - If anyone is ever confused with something I've said, by all means feel free to contact me..hopefully I'll be able to explain it in a way that is understandable.

    And lastly - as mentioned in the TL;DR at the top - No, this isn't a I'm leaving post.

    Thanks for everything, and see you all in the servers and/or TeamSpeak!

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    My '5 years on the forums' thread (2015): Link-to-thread

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    You are not a burden, my friend. That was a lot of info that I had no idea about, but now it makes some things a little clearer. Dont ever feel like asking questions or getting clarification is a bad thing, it never is. Unless your name starts with DrC and ends with ompton. (JK )

    Keep your head up, life isn't always easy, but it's how we learn to deal with the bad times as well as the good that helps define who we are as people.

    You're a great guy, Im glad you are here! You are SO very helpful to so many people that are stuck, or dont know which direction to go, or where to find some random instruction in the forums. If you dont know already where it is, you hunt it down without being asked. That is a truly good person, IMO.

    Here's to keeping DoD:S alive, and to the people (like you ) that put in the time every single day! Cheers!


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    Congratulations on your years in eGO Fire and many more to you!
    You have always been great to game with and hang out with in the chat rooms. Thank you for being a part of my gaming life.

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    I havent really had the chance to actually speak with you much, Fire, but you seem like a great guy and hopefully i get to soon. That post actually got me a little Teary. Its sad how Cruel some can be. I wish you all the best bud, chin up!!

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    Good read. I think we all get stronger as we get older, perhaps regardless of the hand we're dealt.
    If only you knew the..power..of the dark side.

    What is thy bidding my master?

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    Congrats and keep your head up fella. There's always something to look forward to in life.

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    fire i will say you have no clue how much in common we have

    i won't go into detail but i will say i've had spinal meningitis been completely deaf in one ear an partly tone deaf in other been in a coma for mouths have a significant speech impairment have really big ears (was called dumbo and forest gumb in school) have ADHD, OCD have PTSD or Post traumatic stress disorder anxiety and depression

    like you I've seen alot been picked on and ridiculed alot and been used and abused but like you i'm still here

    your a survivor man just like me
    never dobut your self never give up never give in never let go

    and congrats too you

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    Love ya fire! It'll be my 5 year soon too!

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