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    Default 32vs32 Team Symthic vs EdgeGamers

    Join eGO on Saturday, February 21 to watch the Battlefield Division take on Team Symthic in an intense Battlefield 4 match.

    This amazing collaboration between eGO and Symthic will give members a chance to experience large-scale, organized Battlefield gameplay and a chance to hang out with members of other communities. This is an open event which means everyone can sign up. We will be holding practices starting February 2. Attendees will be able to interact with some special guests and possibly win several fantastic prizes.

    The event will be hosted on eGO's TeamSpeak Server. Participants should join the BF 4 Channel, under the BF section, on TeamSpeak before the event begins.

    For more information about this unique event, join the discussion in the BF Division Forums or talk to your fellow members and leaders on TeamSpeak.

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    Won't be joining it however good luck to the members that make it xD &

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    Quote Originally Posted by ExOH View Post
    Yes, very.
    To whomever is concerned:

    I'm just taking a break from gaming as I try to get some real life stuff dealt with.

    As they always say, "They always come back...."

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    Mmmmmmmm. Feel that hype.

    Think of the people who will be watching.
    But what ends when the symbols shatter?

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    My god...... I feel like I need to buy a new tv just for this event..... then cry after because I spent money I didn't have on a tv for this event...

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