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    Default 2015 DoD:S Promos & Awards


    The Day of Defeat Division wishes to start the year celebrating its fine members with awards and promotions. Below are two very special members who have well earned their awards. Everyone who has received an award or promotions deserves congratulations for their achievements, so please join us with praise and thanks. To see the full list of awards and promotions, view this thread linked here.

    DoD:S Medal of Valor

    Megs a Tagger has always been one of the Day of Defeat Division's most important members. This is why she has earned the position of Community Manager for the Division. Megs is constantly monitoring our members and making sure they get the medals and awards they deserve, and she does an amazing job. She is so selfless in her endeavors to issue everyone else their awards, that quite often she gets overlooked on awards for herself, hence why she has not received this award long ago. She is also one of the greatest ambassadors to DoD and eGO, and it is with great honor that we present to her the DoD:S Medal of Valor.

    Advisor Commendation

    Zer0 has earned his Advisor Commendation. When his name was suggested for the award, there was nobody who could refute his immense contributions. He is one of the most approachable, helpful, generous, and gracious individuals in the DoD Division and in eGO as a whole. His generosity knows no bounds, as he is one of the most frequent donators of games within our division. He organizes and hosts the DoD Stupid Game event, which is a hilarious event where everyone who attends plays various free Steam games no matter how good or bad they are. Zer0 is the most computer savvy individual I know, and there are countless members who can attest to this. Whether he has priced and designed a new PC for you, or helped you with any related problem. His attention to detail is unparalleled. This attention to detail blends seamlessly into his abilities as an admin. He knows the rules, ensures players follow those rules, and guides others who are less sure. He is always one of the first in server, helping to fill them, and his attendance at realism is without question. He is a fantastic wing-man and he will gladly join you and your team in any game he has installed. Zer0's contributions to our division and to eGO are unmatched, and this commendation only begins to scratch the surface of our appreciation for this model member.
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    Thank you so much!! Congrats to you all!!! <3 <3

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    Congrats to all! Very well deserved.
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    Congratulations to you both! Well Deserved!

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    Congrats to you all and Thanks for the award!
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