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    Default 2015 eGO Arena Respawn Showdown: TF2 Tournament

    It's time for a showdown! Think you have the skills to match up against some of the best in Arena Respawn? Form a five-man team and join the fray! Don't worry, if you do not have a team but you'd like the opportunity to play with a random team, please sign up and put "Wildcard" as your team name and we will place you on a team at the end of signups.

    January 23, 24, and 25, 2015

    Arena: Respawn is a modification of TF2's Arena game mode developed as an alternative to sixes, created by awk. Your goal is to eliminate the enemy team as quickly as possible. There are no respawn timers, but you can capture the central control point to respawn the dead members of your team.

    Official Tournament Rules & Regulations
    Learn more about the Arena Respawn game mode, and review our complete rules list for this five man tournament.

    Arena Respawn Showdown Sign Up
    Sign up before January 16. This is to allow us time to form the brackets and schedule the matches.

    Learn more and ask your questions in the TF2 Forums.

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    Did somebody say my name?
    Yes. It's in the title.

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