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    These are tenative positions. Congratulations to those that made in on here but I had a hard time deciding the team. If you would like to switch positions let me know. Also I tried to pair everyone with people they play well with or often with. If the subs would like to make a third team let me know and I can do another tryout of sorts or you can handpick to get you guys 2 more.

    Team ? it is your job to play at least once a week. You can play more but just try to get one game going and let me know that you do so I can record it. Also in the near future there will be a Team A vs Team ? match, so you better get ready. And find me on TS with your team to tell me what letter you want your team to be known as.

    Team A: Zam - Jungler

    Team ?: Shiznoe-Support
    is it too late to try out for team Z?

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    Default I would love to be apart of an eGO LoL Ranked team

    IGN: 1 Sh0t Hybr1d
    Playing: noon-2,3am
    Roll/champions: ADC-jinx, lucian, learning vayne and corki
    Mid- Syndra, Diana, learning Zed
    and Support-Thresh
    Current rank: Silver 4 and climbing.

    I play league just about everyday and would love to play with an eGO ranked team
    Dr. Octoganopus BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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