by ExOH

Downloading and Installing TeamSpeak 3

First of all go to:

1) You will come across this:
On this page you can see the different operating systems and the bit rates. Choose accordingly to suit your PC. If you don't know what operating system and bit you are running follow the next steps:
PC - Click the start Icon then right click Computer>Properties. You will then be shown your system setup bit rates, OS, etc.
MAC - From the Apple menu, choose About This Mac.
Click the Version number underneath where the window says "OS X". The About This Mac window then displays your OS X version number.

If your download does not start choose a different mirror to download from.

2) Read the terms and conditions and click "I agree" to submit.

3) You will then come across a survey. Just click "No thanks".

4) When your download starts you may get this popup:

Just click Run to start the download.

5) Once downloaded the install will begin and you will be prompted to read the license agreement.

Skim through if you want and click "I agree".

6) You will then be asked if you wish to install TeamSpeak for everyone on your PC or just the user you're currently logged in with. If you're on a family PC probably choose "Install just for me" then click next.

7) You then are asked where you would like the download to be stored. Default is \Program Files.

8) Then you're asked where to store the configuration files. Just stick with Recommended.

9) You're then prompted to download the new Overwolf program which runs along TeamSpeak. Overwolf will be explained at the end of this guide.

10) You're then asked where to create the shortcuts to run TeamSpeak. Default is recommended for those unsure of where to place them.

11) DONE! Now tick Run TeamSpeak and then Finish.

Overwolf: TeamSpeak users who install Overwolf will now be able to launch a TeamSpeak widget to get full TeamSpeak UI functionality in-game. In addition, the widget includes in-game notifications for server events such as who has just joined or left your server and who is currently speaking. With Overwolf and TeamSpeak, users can change voice settings, manage channels or do just about anything they want with TeamSpeak without leaving their game.

In brief, it's a game overlay for TeamSpeak that allows easy access without minimizing your game.

Connecting to eGO

TeamSpeak will look like this when you start it up:

1) First click Connections > Connect or Cntl+S

2) Once that is done you will get this:

  • The eGO Server Address is:
  • For Nickname use your eGO forum name.
  • No Server Password is needed.
  • Then click "Connect".

3) Congratulations! You're now in our server.

4) You can use the Bookmarks feature to add the eGO server to connect faster next time.

5) On the following screen click Apply and Ok.

6) Now when you want to connect just click Bookmarks and EdgeGamers.

Setting your Mic to Push-To-Talk

1) Go to Settings > Options or Alt+P

2) Then go down to Capture

Here you can choose Push-To-Talk. This is required on the eGO server. Click the box with your mouse and then press the key you wish to use to talk. Then click Apply and Ok.

Feel free to move to rooms by double clicking on the room names. If the book next to the room is Red you cannot join, if it's yellow you'll need a password.

While on the server please follow our code of conduct: