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    Quote Originally Posted by flamelauncher11 View Post
    I just now noticed we got rid of the CoD division...

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth View Post
    A very big congratulations to everyone! Your contributions to this community are outstanding, all very well deserved.

    Also, for next year, we really need to get a ShoutBox member of the year award. That's 6 years I've missed out on it now!
    Can we please do this? Please?

    Thanks everyone

    and congrats to all the other members of the year!!!!

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    Congrats to everyone!!~
    "The law doesn't protect people, people protect the law."
    - Inspector Tsunemori Akane

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    Congrats to everyone. And I have to say the medal/awards you get on eGO look awesome, love the detail and the look. Thank you whoever did that.

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    Congratulations to all recipients! All hard working and kind hearted people! Well deserved!

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