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    Default 2013 Members of the Year

    The Member of the Year medal is among the highest honors one may receive from a division. These members exert qualities that have set themselves apart from everyone else within their division, thus making their divisional leadership bestow this great honor to them. eGO is very fortunate to have such high-caliber members, and without further ado, we present to you our Members of the Year for 2013.

    Even before Meg was asked to become a Leadership member for the Day of Defeat Division, she was always able to make everybody feel welcome and wanted. Her tenure as an Advisor, and now a Division Leader, has not changed this. Apart from stepping up and helping to make the DoD:S Division feel like a home away from home for most people, she has reached out and affected more of us than we know. Always willing to step up and help out whoever was asking, regardless of division or rank, Meg has become somebody that the entire community has come to look up to, and to look for when needed. It is in no small part that this community is as great as it is today because of Meg and all she has done for it.

    Oey192 has been a critical asset to the PSC since his joining the PSC in 2012. Since then, between processing applications and closely assisting PSC Leadership in the development of the Dedicated Application Processor System, Oey consistently demonstrates the qualities that make the PSC the driving force it is today. He is not only a hard worker but also a responsible and dedicated member of the PSC team.

    Captain Battlefield has brought outstanding energy and help to events and overall member experience. He brings out the best in our members and the community as a whole. Throughout the entire year, every day of every week of every month, he has demonstrated what it means to be an eGO member. We are proud to present him with the 2013 Battlefield member of the year award.

    From leading the News Team, training Counter-Strike Admin, and accepting applications in the PSC, you may have heard the name, TheJollyRoger. Everything you heard is true, he is an outstanding individual with a lot of unique and interesting characteristics. Time and time again, TheJollyRoger has proven why he is a valuable asset not only to the CS Division, but to our eGO community as a whole. He always helps out eGO in every way possible whenever he can, never saying "no" to the pleas for assistance. More importantly, he is a Counter-Strike admin trainer that can never be replaced or forgotten. His special touch on training admins, outstanding friendliness, and willingness to go above and beyond every single time makes it clear why he is our number one admin trainer. It brings joy to the CS Leadership to announce that TheJollyRoger is this year's CS Member of the Year.

    The Day of Defeat Division is proud to present DJ TTK with its 2013 Member of the Year award for his continued dedication to recruiting, commitment to professional admining in-game, and his ongoing support of our servers. The DoD:S Leadership would like to express our sincere gratitude for all of his contributions throughout the year. Thank you and keep up the great work!

    It is with great pride that we recognize Gremlin for his kindness and hospitality. A dedicated member who puts others before himself and who never turns down an offer for help, he is part of the reason our Minecraft server is enjoyable. On behalf of the MC Division, we award you with the Minecraft Member of the Year award.

    Mdgrim is a member who has far acceded expectations. Grim is known for his participation in the Operation X forums and the support of Operation X games. He is always there to help others in Arma and in other games. Grim has come a long way in his Edgegamers career, and shows no sign of stopping. We are glad to have Mdgrim and thank him for all of his services throughout the years. Keep up the astounding work!

    We have many great members who are involved, but out of them, jhnsn is the model member. Being involved in the ECs, ATs, and FFTF, he has dedicated much of his time to the TF2 Division. He has helped host events, especially in times when the EC program went into a slump. He actively trains our new admins, and he helps fill servers, even if he cannot always lead the fills. We do not select jhnsn because there is a lack of other good candidates; far from it. He is the paradigm in our division. He does what he needs to do, always communicates new ideas or suggestions, and is very dedicated to his roles. But even when he isn't busy in one of his roles, he is there to lend an ear and help his fellow members. He committed his time to this division, and he follows through with his commitment, for which we reward him with the Member of the Year Award.

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    Congrats everyone! :D
    To whomever is concerned:

    I'm just taking a break from gaming as I try to get some real life stuff dealt with.

    As they always say, "They always come back...."

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    Congratulations everyone! You all deserved these awards I hope you all keep up the great work!
    All I play is Overwatch.

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    I just now noticed we got rid of the CoD division...

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    A very big congratulations to everyone! Your contributions to this community are outstanding, all very well deserved.

    Also, for next year, we really need to get a ShoutBox member of the year award. That's 6 years I've missed out on it now!

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