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    XD we should have a show off you're Doms thread also including Ham and Pan kills.

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    #hamcamp all day.

    Quote Originally Posted by My Dad
    The internet is so slow because there is a little Chinese man in a back room somewhere who has to read everything first.
    Quote Originally Posted by Meep View Post
    My family now thinks I'm weirder than before, because people from the internet are sending me mustard.
    Quote Originally Posted by Exegguru
    You should become president of the world honor

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    Awesome. All Snow has to do is to never play TF2 again in order to deny Dark from hamming him
    <3 Deeluxxed (Totally platonically ;D)

    =(eGO)= Sanctified Aberration: RD, If you spoke any more smoothly, butter would come out of your mouth
    Quote Originally Posted by Sephiroth
    Your friendly neighbourhood server monkey.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maserati View Post
    run snow!!, also in before close
    >in before

    I think I just died.

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    Nah Snow will just destroy Dark.

    SEiGE : ill take some credits..? <3 :3
    SEiGE reputation decreased to 4
    =(eGO)= pnndaa : !down SEiGE

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    Dark's going HAM
    Quote Originally Posted by jhnsn View Post
    I recommended someone for a promotion before they actually joined eGO. As in, at all.
    Panda: Tell Wize I am so happy for him or her 0_o

    Quote Originally Posted by Hottest Video Game Characters View Post
    -Lara Croft
    -Lara Croft
    -Lara Croft (I think i already mentioned her)

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