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Thread: eGO Ranked Team

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    Ok, so, during all of the games tonight, myself along with two of my friends were watching people and grading on the following things:

    Decision Making
    Champion Pool

    and many more. After much argument and going back and fourth for a few of the positions we have nailed it down to ten people, these 10 will go on to a final tryout and from there two teams will be made, I don't like to call it team A and team B because all 10 of these players have shown that they are good enough to be on the team. So if you don't see your name, thank you so much for trying out, every single one of you contributed to what these teams are hopefully going to become and remember, if you are one of the 10 people and you do not gel well with the team you end up making or are a constant toxic player within the team, you will be subject to discharge and you will be replaced through open tryout. That being said, here are the ten people going on to the final tryout:


    DarkRoseDragon and Fell03


    Trickyyyxx and Frags H


    Kaminis and Lava


    Denk and CM Ace


    sGvHugobosss and xHorton

    The date for this final tryout is to be determined and will be posted at least 48 hours in advance of the day schedueled. Once again thank you so much guys and good luck to the remaining people!


    It was brought to my attention that alternates would be needed for these two teams because truthfully, not everyone is available all the time, so for this reason, Genoknight and Bnewzzz have been selected based off of their gameplay last night in the positions they were trying out for. Remember alternates are not just permanent subs, in the case where someone needs to be replaced on a team, one of you two will take their place permanently on the team assuming you are comfortable in sed open position.
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    As promised, at least 48hours before, the date for the final 10 where the first and second teams will be made is this upcoming Monday. That is,

    MONDAY JUNE 10th AT 9pm EST / 6pm PST

    We will play probably 3 games between the 10 of us, the teams will then be formed and practice can commence with the players new teams.

    Thanks a lot guys, see you Monday, if you have a problem with Monday please post it here or contact me via inbox or in vent or game.

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    Default Excuse me?

    Uhm...I should deffinitly be on this team why am i not? I 1V1 EVERYONE AND WIN like WTF I want on NOW i replace anyone i better then all if you have problem add me in game XxxDragon_MasterxxX i go my main master yi and destroy you any day

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    Ah bummer saw this too late

    Well if your thinking about makin another team it would be awesome, thats if you have enough competent players that tried out. I have myself and my brother BATMAN here on forums that would like to try out, we been looking for an eGO team for a minute.

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    Tomorrow there will still be tryouts for the team, however, notice I said team, there will only be one team for the time being due to two recent drop outs or no-shows to tomorrow's events.



    CM Ace

    will NOT be attending tomorrow. This means there will only be one team formed at the end of the day, the judging for this is still to be determined. Sorry for any inconvenience, should we find people to fill these roles in the near future, the second team will have a NEW tryout in the near future.

    If you don't understand what I am saying let me run it by you once more, if you DO NOT make it onto the ONE team tomorrow night, I am very sorry but due to the loss of two players we will not be making a second team at this time. The second team will be made in the near future if enough interest is shown.

    Thanks again and sorry for any inconveniences.

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    So no more signing up for tryouts? Oh well

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    When will we be seeing our eGO team win some stuff? :D

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