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Thread: eGO Ranked Team

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    Alright, I will be holding the first set of tryouts this Wednesday at 9pm EST, that is 6pm PST. If you have posted here or talked to me about joining the team, please show up on that day, I would prefer if everyone could show up tomorrow but you don't have to if you are busy.

    For those of you that may have a job or other commitments that make you unable to attend these days, post a reply here, talk to me in vent or in game, sGvHugobosss/DMG HardBanana and we will figure something out for you. Either way, I want to have everyone done by sometime this weekend to be able to have the team practicing next week.

    Thanks everyone who signed up, and good luck in the tryouts! We have at least 3 people trying out for each spot if not a lot more.

    See you all Wednesday at 9pm!

    Edit: If you are wanting to tryout and HAVE NOT told me yet, post it here or message me ASAP.

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    IGN: JasonKillen

    I am down, and can play whatever pretty much

    Mid > ADC = Top = Support > Jungle though, in my opinion, mainly because I haven't had much exposure to the jungle position

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    Please show up at 8:45, in Ventrilo to help me get everything ready for 9pm so I know who is and is not there. Thanks!

    For those that do not have the vent information for whatever reason,
    Edge Gamers Organization:

    We will be in the League of Legends main lobby in vent, about 3/4 of the way down the vent rooms.

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    Tonight at 9pm EST/6pm PST the tryouts will begin! Remember if you can't make it, let me know by posting here, private message in vent, inbox or message in game.

    See everyone at 8:45pm EST in vent! Good luck to everyone tonight!

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    ign busted1943

    Im really good and im gold V play support pretty good at anyother roll

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    sign me up, ill play mid or jungle

    ign :cmzero

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    Sign me up
    Diamond 5
    Main Adc/Jungle (but can play Any role)
    IGN: Frags H
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