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    Default Your LoL Playlist...

    Wondering what everyone listens to!

    And if you don't want to share your playlist, tell me what genre it is!

    I listen to a rock playlist on YouTube.

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    My LoL playlist? Dubstep and club gets me hype

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    When I play cho gath this is what I always play. Its even a youtube ad lol.

    This is another good one

    Another favorite

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    If you want to be a man.


    If you want to be a woman.


    So what I am trying to say is...


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    I just have my big spotify playlist which has about 1000 songs on it which pretty much covers ever genre

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    Flux Pavilion, Imagine Dragons, Three Days Grace, Blackmill, some Linkin Park. Mostly whatever comes up on Pandora due to songs I thumbed up on dubstep radio lol.

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    Zomboy (Hoedown, Vancouver Beatdown, City 2 City, Here to Stay)
    Feed Me (One Click Headshot)
    Magnetic Man (I Need Air, Getting Nowhere, Anthemic, The Bug)
    Seb Ingrosso + Tommy Trash (Reload)
    The Prodigy (Invaders Must Die, Omen)
    Sub Focus (Time Warp, Rock It, Splash)
    Xilent (Boss Wave)
    Hadouken (Levitate)
    Daft Punk (Robot Rock, Harder Better Faster Stronger, One More Time, Television Rules the Nation)

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