Alright judges came to me after the third game, here are the teams for the time being, remember, nothing is permanent, you are always able to be replaced from any position for any reason at any time or moved from team to team or if the team feels it is fit, from position to position. That being said, congrats to everyone ! Here are the teams

Team eGO-A

At Top Lane -- Fell03
At Jungle -- Adolar
At Mid -- Kaminis
At ADC -- Denk
At Support -- Spathika

Team eGO-B

At Top Lane -- DarkRoseDragon
At Jungle -- Trickyyyxx
At Mid -- Frags H
At ADC -- xHorton
At Support - sGvHugobosss

Judge _MEGA said this after telling me the teams "We wanted to make two teams that would be able to fend for themselves."

So, I will throw out the invites for both teams now, congrats to everyone! Remember to go hard in the paint, and there is no such thing as going too deep!