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Thread: A Twist of Fate

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    Default A Twist of Fate


    Add meh on steam :CLICKEH:
    They're coming outta the walls!

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    this is really well done

    The elvish translates to "Not all who wander are lost."

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    that garen ult..

    "Show the moves,I shall."-yoda

    "Spray: No one will ever see these forums"

    M.I.A for awhile getting some stuff straightened out
    ..i swear i will eventually talk to someone about my G >.>

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    Lol garen is always going to be a boss

    I named my baby "bass", so i can drop it and it would be alright.
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    not related, but you should also check out this if you missed it during the all stars


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    Blur Studio has always done amazing work, best in the business, but I think this may be my favorite and I don't even play the game.

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