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    Default New Map: Magma Chamber

    If you have been watching the all-star stuff happening this weekend you may have noticed the new map they used for the 1v1 and 2v2 stuff.


    There is talk about changing it into a 5v5 map and adding it to online play. Any thoughts?

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    kind of like howling abyss but more pathways.

    Looks pretty cool

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    Nothing to say. Its just a mid portion from summoners rift with fire and molten rocks.

    Best play on that map imo. Toyz vs Misaya.

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    why they not focusing on what they said they where gonna do like 2 years ago with that new 5s map i mean seems like they just release arams and 1v1 maps rather than upping there selection idk i think it would be better if they came out with some new 5s maps

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    It's a cool enough map and I would not mind one bit playing 2v2 with a friend, don't know how much I would like it with a random though.

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    it's better then ARAM 5vs5 map cause one game is way shorter. You win by getting first blood or by killing 100 minions. I like that cause you can play it when you're bored and try a lot chapions without getting slamed in a 30 min long match

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    it's 2 kills 100 minions or first turret, i'd like this as a 2v2 map, brings a new aspect into the game where we already have an ARAM map and already have a 5v5 map :p 1v1 would be cool to
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    they said it will probably go out before season 4 so it will go out by next summer i guess. But 1vs1 and 2vs2 on that map would be great

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