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    Default ehhhh zexxeh ladey ohhh ahh, oppan...

    Zed Nerf?

    I can rise from the dead to slap Riot in the face

    (sorry for misleading title)

    It made me so angry I decided to play LoL again.
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    As a resourceless champion, Zed was able to farm efficiently and safely without giving his opponent much opportunity for interaction. These changes should hit his wave clearing efficiency, especially at early levels. The vision reduction on Zed's Living Shadow was just to bring it more in line with other abilities of this type.

    Razor Shuriken
    Damage dealt to secondary targets reduced to 45/69/93/117/141 (+0.6 bonus Attack Damage) from 60/92/124/156/188 (+0.8 bonus Attack Damage)
    Living Shadow
    Vision radius of the Shadow reduced to 700 from 1300
    Shadow Slash
    Cooldown increased to 4 seconds from 3

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    okay tried zed just now and guess what?

    - client decides to close, managed to reloggin after like 15 minutes

    - i was against a gp crit top

    - i can't farm without being harrased my gp's q

    - i end up being 5 levels under him

    - like all players who goes against an underleveled champ, tower dives and kills me a few times except for one time he thought his q would do the trick but he forgot i had my flash and shadow so i lingered under my tower long enough to see him almost die - lucky bastard got away but i survived)

    - i can't do crap in team fights cuz my q only does damage to the first person and i had nothing but brutalizer and boots.

    - we end up winning cuz their fizz ragequit.

    Won the game but still upset cuz unlike other champions who can come back from a disconnect. zed is juz a punch bag with no sand in it.
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    Zed was OP. End of story.
    If you build highschool, I will come.

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    Am i the only person excited about the caster minion nerf?

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    champs that didnt need nerfs this patch or ever: Diana, zed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by captain dumdum pants View Post
    Zed was OP. End of story.
    It seems like everyone calls a champ OP if they get their butt kicked by them...
    If they play that champ and suck with them then they're not OP...

    You might as well just say every champ with CC is OP because CC is what causes people to die 80% the time...

    People honestly need to stop complaining or else nerfing/buffing of champs will get out of hand like Blizzard did with World Warcraft. Your favorite champ will be nerfed and you'll QQ, so you find a new champ that's OP then people QQ so it gets nerfed...

    Enjoy the game how it is now, find a champ who counters that OP champ if you're playing Draft or Ranked (or ban them) and know how to play their counter. If not then that's your own fault for not knowing who/how to counter that champ.

    If you only play Blind (like me atm) and you come across that OP champ then ask your jungler to camp your lane, no shame in that. If you still feel the need to QQ then go play Draft or Ranked to counter that OP champ. If your jungler camps your lane and you lose lane then that's your fault, not the OP champ's fault. If your jungler doesn't camp your lane then don't be stupid... js
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    you don't understand, Zed is nowhere near OP. Look up for statistics and majority of the people including me, thinks Zed is a little UP. Zed can't farm now until mid game.

    + Zed play difficulty is max i believe and his style is basically high risk high reward. So I think riot just killed one of the most balanced champs imo. RIP Zed

    Diana, i can't say much because I've never played her. I can just imagine Mega's sad face now

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    I know Mush I was just pointing out for those who QQ about OP champs need to stop before the nerfing gets out of hand

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