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    Default I started playing LoL

    So, as the title states, I started playing LoL. Lt.Nond talked my into playing it and it's actually kind of fun. So prepare yourselves, as you may see me in-game from time to time. My LoL name is eGOLucas15. See you all there!

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    Good to see you started playing as well
    IGN: XDr3amX

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    MLG Pro!
    Also : D0dgy
    Dodgy Donny, Doniald, Ditler.

    =(eGO)= Pewww. #Rice_^ R^4: not as hard as ive punched some monitors
    =(eGO)= Dodgy: but it's all about the focus of the energy
    =(eGO)= Pewww. #Rice_^ R^4: well the candy energy mustve been godly

    Approved by Megs

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    ING: MEGAFlame777

    Come Lucas, climb on my back and let Akali, Diana, and myself carry you to victory.

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    ingame name: joshcash
    always nice to see new people playing!
    Old school eGO dude.

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