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    Default Hi :)

    My summoner name is Th3 Muff1n M4n and I started playing LoL about 2 months ago and am currently almost 21. I play a lot of Minecraft as I'm in that division but it gets old so I bounce between the two
    I was wondering if there's anyone out there who could help me on advanced stuff or stuff you see I could improve on and how.
    I like to play mid with champs that have good crowd control but also decent escapes such as the new champ Lissandra, yes she's new but she's my fav <3
    I have LoL Recorder if you would like to see some demos or you could spectate one or a couple of my games. I would consider myself an average player but want to go into ranked and become high on the ladders so any help would be awesome! Thx

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    most eGO members don't care much about skill, they just enjoy playing with other eGO members. feel free to join the eGO chat room (Edge-Gamers) because its a good way to meet other eGO members.

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    Hey hey.
    Add me: Spathika

    There is an Aram event tonight at 9 est if we have enough people show up. It's a good way to meet new people and to find people you might like to play more games with. Pika has a solid answer too.

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    Hey man! Add me as well: XDr3amX

    Good to see more people playing this game

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    Don't play ranked once you hit level 30. Because you will have a bad time. I suggest getting full runes before you go for ranked. And have at least champions for each role. When you do play rank, may your placements matches had less AFKs than mine. I had a total of 6. Top it. I dare you.

    Anywhozle, you can add MEGAFlame777 on league. I main AP mid and my favorite champions are Akali and Diana. If you play with me though, I expect you to commit because I have a very aggressive play style, that someone here who plays with me could agree with.

    Just a pic of some recent games at mid:

    The 2nd Diana game wasn't my fault. My jungler thought it would be a good idea to fed a kha first blood and double buff. So I couldn't do anything . The one akali game though. I never backed that game unless I died. I had like 5k gold to spend after I got my GA.
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